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Right on, Bill, nice to see a new video from you. Keep it up. Make their heads explode.

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You're not worthy to tie his shoes, buckwheat.

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What exactly does it mean to be "anti-gay?" Anybody?

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I still believe that we the people are sovereign, so how do we convince our neighbors to look for the truth, which is virtually never reported by the MSM, including Fox (though I believe Fox gets closer to it than most).

Our neighbors are the real issue--if we educate each other, and reassume responsibility for our own destiny, we can elect honorable people to office, reduce the size and scope of government, and reestablish constitutional rule.

Who's with me!

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Good morning, hpjunior, and thanks for the post.

I think your friend has it exactly right: "... I'm afraid he'll be the LAST American president." Give him huge thanks for articulating things so well.

I'm reminded of Eomer in the LoTR movie "The Two Towers," where he tells Aragorn "Look for your friends, but do not trust to hope, it has forsaken these lands." He fights, but he's realistic about what is happening as well.

And hopeless doesn't mean unhappy, at least in my case. Know that many of us are fighting, and understand the seriousness of what we have allowed to happen.

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I'll vote for the current president before I vote for Mr. Paul. Excellent on domestic policy, rat-bait-insane regarding foreign policy, including America's place in the world.

Bless you for being such a staunch supporter of his.

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The first two commenters are outliers whose vainglory refuses to let them vote so that our current president has only one term. I speak to others, not to them.

Liberty is the big tent, our primary unifier. Liberty--not special treatment for homosexuals, or Christians, or manufacturers.

Economic Liberty--the dollar in my pocket is my dollar, completely. If I choose to live in America, I cede a small portion to the government for constitionally-supported activities, things that we the people cannot best do ourselves.
Religious Liberty--pursue my faith when and how I wish, in the public square or otherwise.
Political Liberty--I am free to speak and argue and to choose whomever I wish for public office, and the laws of the nation must support free and fair elections (think voter ID).

We have no candidate in 2012 that supports liberty, without some big-government tyrannical twist. If we win, and I no longer have any hope we will, though I, too, will fight, our president will be a holding pattern until we can nominate a conservative patriot in 2016. This is the reason I can vote for Romney, or Newt, or Santorum.

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Of course not, Piers. If you'd done your homework, you'd understand that life is life, regardless of how it began. Don't try to lay your secular garbage on a believer.

What was the wisdom in this interview?

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I don't and didn't want him to run for President, but I love Gov. Christie's attitude, man. I'd love to have him out stumping for me, should I ever run for office. Yow.

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I found a lot of worthy data here but I had a hard time understanding the piece. I think if this information were presented in a more readable form, it would get a lot more reads and a lot more comments. This is good stuff!