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Given the lead times involved in producing the episodes, this script was written some time last year, before the first hints of Twilicorn were even leaked.

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The building bothers me only because it's in Ponyville, which feels like it's too small to have a commercial building higher than 3 stories; in Manehattan or Canterlot, it wouldn't be out of place. And I like the speculation that the dam is for generating magic charges, but I just find it hard to fully accept it.

I agree about the video game, by the way; that and Iron Will's wireless microphone have been the only pieces of tech to really bring me out of the episode, and what's more annoying is that neither one was the least bit necessary. At least with stuff like refrigerators and washing machines, I can understand the need to "cheat" a little in the interests of narrative clarity. The cameras, too; while they aren't quite as bulky and clunky as actual cameras from the early 20th century would have been, they aren't so different as to look jarringly out of place. Twilight's mad scientist equipment, the film projectors, and a few other bits of technology, while they may be somewhat anachronistic to the setting, are also effectively outdated in modern society, so they still read as "antique tech" while watching the episodes and don't bother me. (I'm surprised DJ P0n3's equipment doesn't bother me more than it does; I guess since "Suited for Success" was one of the first episodes I watched, it became an accepted part of the setting before I could realize that it really was out of place.)

Anyway, just because a piece of tech seems out of place to me doesn't mean that others have to be annoyed by it too.

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I was afraid, after the last line of your first comment, that you were going to be a Rainbow Dash in your critique of the MMDW critics; thanks for proving me wrong, and keeping this comment to a humorously snarky level. As one of those who likes MMDW, though only enough to rank it as an average episode of the series, I agree with most of your points; the one thing that still does honestly bother me would more or less fall under "anachronistic technology", in that I don't think a high rise building belongs in Ponyville, and I don't think a hydroelectric dam belongs in Equestria at all. Still, that's just a minor quibble, and not enough to affect my overall enjoyment of the episode. (Also, "Putting Your Hoof Down" is one of my least favorite episodes of the series, but I liked "Hearth's Warming Eve", "Hearts and Hooves Day", and "Wonderbolts Academy", so I agree that she's unfairly slammed by a portion of the fandom.)

I hope you're planning on a similar point-by-point rebuttal for "Magical Mystery Cure" critics; that would be very entertaining to read.

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Where do you get that number?

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I think this is the source:

Anyone with better Google-fu than I please feel free to correct me.

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That Daring Do..! I just hope she's not part of some "fan favorite" collection bundled with 6 other blindbag-size ponies I have no interest in for $30, because dang, that just might be the best blindbag mold I've seen yet.

I'm wondering why they've given Derpy that funky mane style, as she'd work perfectly as a Dash recolor; otherwise she looks OK. And even though I don't really care for Twilight's alicornification, I do like those figures, as well as Hippieshy. Is it weird that I'm more interested in these psychedelic-design ponies than the previous translucent or metallic varieties?

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Wingless Twilight has been in every wave of blindbags so far (IIRC; it's possible she skipped one) and in one or two of the collector sets.

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Who's Leslie, and how do we ask them the question?

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That's what happens when you let Sweetie Belle prepare your breakfast.