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Clueless not a timeless classic? Wha???

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Excellent work - excellent choice of subject matter! Love that apple pony.

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Thom Zahler back after the somewhat under-appreciated (okay, reviled) Twilight Micro! I hope this one is better received. According to an old interview posted on comicbookresources his original pitch to IDW was to do a crossover: "Mars Attacks My Little Pony." So it sounds like he is finally getting to pen the pony monster battle he wanted.

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Equestrian Idol? I am okay with this.

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Katie and Andy do Rarity and AJ. <swoon> It's everything I imagined!

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Ha! The fire swamp. Complete with chimera of unusual (or maybe usual) size.

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That's not really accurate. Look at west Texas, which is mostly uninhabited. Look at New England, which is densely inhabited yet has relatively large counties compared to less dense southern states. Or consider coastal California, which contains some of the most densely populated places in the country, yet is made up of relatively large counties. There are many reasons why counties are demarcated the way they are in the various states, but population density is not the primary factor in many, if not most cases. You may be thinking of congressional districts, which are allocated according to population.

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Right. I have no doubts about season 5 either. I was making a technical point.

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That's a different episode. See "Pinkie Pride."

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I really love all the goofball pegasus characters created for "Hurricane Fluttershy," so I'm delighted that we'll see them again, especially if they are featured as Ponyville's own rag-tag band of misfit competitors - the Jamaican bobsled team of pegasus athletics.