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> -I can imagine the creators doing a line of coke before making this

No, you're thinking of Panty and Stocking.

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The dub is actually pretty darn good. Basically on par with the original Japanese, so you could do either one.

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Now this is a rewatch I can really get behind. Gurren Lagann holds a special place for me as a show that really got me into anime, and to date I think it's the series I've watched the most amount of times.

So, this first episode really gives us a lot, and that's great! It does really well as a first episode, introducing pretty much every important element of the show immediately. We get a taste of the characters, Kamina, Simon, Yoko, and yes, even Boota the pig-mole, along with the awesome soundtrack and the tip of the iceberg on the levels of ridiculousness this show concocts (the mole-pig tower and the sword spinning flawlessly around Kamina's neck, to name a few instances).

It also sends you pretty much right into the action immediately, while also showing off some of the mech designs in the show. I don't watch too many mech shows, but I'd consider the designs in Gurren Lagann to be pretty unique. You could definitely point them out easily in a mech lineup, that's for sure.

We even get some nice interaction between Kamina and Simon that gives us some history on Simon's past and the relationship that him and Kamina have. Simon looks up to Kamina and Kamina constantly pushes Simon to do things and be stronger. The show says it best; they're bros.

Then we got Kamina's legendary speech/pose (which shows up a few more times, so remember it) and a look at how the mechs work and OH MAN THIS EPISODE DOES SO MUCH. It's a great introduction to the series.

Random thoughts:
- Kamina has a great view when they're crawling through that tunnel.
- On that note, Yoko, being one of the few female characters, is the primary subject of fanservice. There were like three cases of it in this episode alone. Some people might not like that, others will. YMMV. At least they try to make her cool and able to do things.
- I really need to get one of those core drill necklaces. It's my duty as a fan.

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Instead they broke up.

afk crying

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"Foreign girls reacting to large America disks"

I saw them at an AMERICAN DINER IN NEW YORK CITY getting breakfast and I knew they weren't going to survive. That's just not the kind of appetite a Japanese girl can muster.

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So this is the second time I've watched the movie, but unfortunately it seems the more I watch it, the more I'm able to nitpick about it. Don't get me wrong, I overall liked the movie, and it was great to watch μ's doing more stuff. I just feel like there were a lot of things that required a larger suspension of disbelief than I was able to offer.

For instance, upon arriving back from America, μ's finds out that they've become popular overnight! Their show was broadcast all over the country, and their video is getting tons of hits online. Awesome! Except there's a lot unexplained here, like how they were able to book a show in TIME'S SQUARE of all places and who paid for and managed all of their exposure throughout Japan. I suppose it could be summed up as "The Love Live organization did it", but that's still a bit much for me to swallow. μ's doesn't even get paid for any of this, as far as we know.

Then there was the whole issue of the group breaking up. Yeah, I know they decided to do it at the end of season two, but throughout the entire movie they seemed to be building it up towards μ's staying together in the end. All of them were having second thoughts, and they even tried to rationalize to each other how they could make it work. Hell, A-RISE even gave Honoka the card of their manager, and immediately after Honoka had a vision that emulated her childhood scene in the beginning where she jumped over the puddle to symbolize that she never gives up and always follows her dreams. EVEN AFTER ALL THAT they still decided to stop being idols, despite the fact they had the means to do so and the popularity to keep going. That's an absolutely insane decision for anyone in the same position.

Unless, of course, all that with A-RISE was just a dream, but then why even show it in the first place? Why put that glimmer of hope there if you're just going to have them quit anyway? To me, it just seemed like a nonsensical decision that only happened because the writer wanted the story to be different. They could have very, very easily continued what they were doing, even with school in the way of things.

I don't know, I'm just unhappy with the resolution. They could've just given everyone that happy ending that they deserve, but instead went for this bittersweet thing that sort of fits the series but still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Maybe I'm just nitpicking, or maybe I just don't see it the same way as other people, but I really can't be happy with how μ's ended.

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That steady incline on One Punch Man tho.

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She's definitely a future Honk, maybe spawned from Honoka's subconscious on how she thinks her future will end up?

Either way that girl has to cut down on the bread.

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Well alright.