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I am back! Out of retirement and this masterpiece by Hugh is excellent, and it gets to the heart of the matter of what the hell is a real “liberal”. I know those people in the Democrat leadership that certain “conservative” radio shock jocks call “liberal” are not liberal at all, communist maybe, fascist perhaps, most definitely ignorant, but liberal? I was under the impression that liberals supported such things as equality for ALL women under the law, secular government, scientific development, medical advancement, abolition of slavery, etc etc….you know PROGRESS! I can’t even call them “progressive liberals” after speeches like this. Now in truth this label has been approved by many so called “conservatives”, who I am not sure understand what a conservative is either. It is just a mixed up, turned upside down, definition challenged world we live it….

But that is not important…let the age “personal discovery” begin, who needs books, or hell why even learn to read…when you can have a “personal experience”! It is clear this is the way of the future. You can go to an Ivy League school, become a leader of communities, find your way into the senate, and perhaps even become president!

The Power of the Personal Journey! Welcome to the Epoch of O!

However..look at the bright side…Chucky likes it…he will eat anything…

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Very OT but very important to understand what is happening over at LGF. Just in case anyone has not posted this yet...

"Cato the Elder" (the cat who sucker punched Mr. Spencer) has just stated a classic example of why lizards are clueless about Islam.

He states in response to someone defending Israeli settlements.. ...

575 Cato the Elder

2/17/09 5:48:20

re: #546 tsionguy

“Um, hey, there are plenty of Israelis who would disagree with you there.

I'm not saying all settlements have to go; far from it. But nor do I believe that whatever Israelis can grab and hold before a negotiated agreement becomes ipso facto "part of Israel" and sacrosanct. You surely don't believe that every set of trailers held by a few fanatics ought to be eternalized, do you?

There was nothing anti-Semitic about the withdrawal from Gaza. Hamas was going to take over there anyway. And the cost of defending those settlements was a distraction and a burden too heavy for Israel to bear.

My opinion.”

END OF COMMENT...........

This sound like "Land for Peace" to me. Is this the kind of crap CJ is supporting now? "Hamas was going to take over there anyway" Lol!

Here is the link to the thread just in case anyone wants proof (remember cut and paste, because CJ blocked them)

<a href="" target="_blank">

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The best part is you get a Quran holder, but no Quran? My guess is when this gets off the ground you will have to buy the Quran? What a rip-off...haha.

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Cool! I just signed up. I guess this has not fully launeded yet (beta), because I tried their vitual world it is lame as hell...although I hope this does become popular for muslims, for I do want play vitual world with know throw out Quranic verses, get them all fired up...etc. Come on we liberty loving western folks should take it over....make it ours! :)


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You don’t declare war against nations, and you don’t declare war against populations, but you do declare war for the cause, the ideology, the reason, the oppression, whatever. In the American Civil War, the Union had two causes, two reasons, one was the re-unification of the nation, and the other was abolition of slavery. Once you have set those goals, you do whatever it takes to accomplish them, and if they are worthy goals, history will smile down upon you, and if not, well you be one the bad guys. What is cause of this current conflict?

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It is clear (or at least I hope it is)...I am Man and you? Plus I have to stop writing these long comments. :)

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Robert Spencer has already said he is not allying with Nazis (too many times to count), but let us move on for the sake of argument (cause it is clear you are hung up on that like a broken record, despite facts that should tell you otherwise).

What is the correct course of action? You must realize, that in a war, that correct course of action must be the complete, and utter defeat of the ideology of the enemy. In the American Civil War, slavery had to be ripped away from the southern way of life. That meant that the north had to do some rather nasty things. Abraham Lincoln, for one suspended habeas corpus, William T. Sherman had to burn down homes, barns, and took all that could be eaten away from the civilians, in places like Georgia and South Carolina. You must also know that in WWII, the allies bombed whole German cities to ruin, dropped atomic bombs on Japan, and yes even at times did not take prisoners.

In both of those wars, if those things had not been done, it is very possible we might have lost them. If we look back at the history of wars involving Islam, the means to victory usually involved the total destruction of the Islamic forces, not just their armies, but the people themselves. This is history. My question to you is why do you think this time it will be different? Why do you think the Muslim communities in Europe, and even in America, will ever get along for any extended period of time with their non-Muslim neighbors? It has never occurred in the past. There is nothing in the Quran, or ahadith, etc, that tells us this.

So what do you mean by “interpret the event correctly”? Forget all the propaganda; forget about the supposed Neo-Nazis for a minute. What should we do when Muslims start to demand rule in parts of Europe, or Islamic Rule in their community? This is not some hypothetical question, and this question will be asked in the very near future in Europe? When they resist, and say hell no, are you willing to go in and fight them. Are you willing to impose draconian laws on Islam after you win, for if you do not, you will end up in a never ending cycle of Jihadi wars, which have plagued places like the Balkans, the Middle East, for so many years?

Islam is the ideological heart of the enemy. I can’t change that. I wish I could. I wish this fight was over money, or land, or ethnic issues, for at least with those we can find a way to long term peace. But this struggle goes to the very core of civilization, and those struggles are bloody, and yes the loser does pay a horrific price. It will be a battle between Secular Western Democracy and Islam. In that battle one will have to triumph over the other. There is no riding the fence here, as Charles has done up to this point. Is Islam the enemy of the West, or is it not? If it is, how are going to prevent it from winning?

I will leave you with two quotes from General William T. Sherman, from the American Civil War to ponder before you answer these important questions. I think they fit this situation.

“This war differs from other wars, in this particular. We are not fighting armies but a hostile people, and must make old and young, rich and poor, feel the hard hand of war.”

“You might as well attempt to put out the flames of a burning house with a squirt-gun. I think this is to be a long war-very long-much longer than any politician thinks.”

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I am a bad writer, I don't re-read before I post sometimes, I let my emotions speak for me which can get me in trouble, but thanks for the complement.

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Look at what you said: “Islam is a threat to the freer countries to the extent they allow their freedom to vanish.”, which I respond back by saying, no shit Sherlock, and how do you think free countries end up losing that freedom? By people sitting on their asses, and not doing anything about it. That is the definition of Charles Johnson.

He does not do anything. He produces nothing. No original works, no ideas, no plans, no strategies, nothing. All the content on his pathetic site is the work of others. This is relevant to the discussion because, you don’t have a plan. Charles Johnson does not have a plan. Madura (Real name Kajda) does not have a plan, oh wait my bad, she does want a Greater Albania, Sharmuta is too stupid to come up with a plan, and Killgore Trout is too far up CJs ass to realize that he is a separate human being. You guys have nothing, yet you expect us to follow you, to take your word for things, when you guys have proven to be less than truthful on so many things before. Now that is rich! So until you get a plan, a strategy, or at least can give me some inside info into what the MSA is up to in the USA, don’t expect me to take you ivory tower libertarians seriously as anything other than a bunch overrated rejects, with over hyped degrees (Kejda).

Also, Robert Spencer is not a racist, he is not a fascist (btw do you idiots know what fascism even means), he is not communist, and this little stunt does not change my mind one bit, because I know what Charles Johnson is…..and that is a coward. Nothing on this earth is more repellant, and you smell too much like lizard…..

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Prove me wrong, Tell us your plan to save Europe from Islam. Do you support Islamic immigration into Europe? Do you even think Islam is a danger to Western Civilization? Come on...tell us. If you support Islamic immigration into Europe, like Charles appears to do, you are no different than those Nazis you claim to be fighting against.