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<a href="http://online.wsj.com/article/SB12476952702694782..." target="_blank">http://online.wsj.com/article/SB12476952702694782...

Just wanted to share this article and comment briefly. It seems to me, in this particular case re: Guantanamo, the military lawyers and prosecuters and judges are really just going through the motions of court proceedings. It's like they are "playing court" like children would play house, or dress up. Just from the response of Muhammad Kamin about not taking a shower until he is sent home (most likely to re-engage with fellow jihadists) when offered to take one before his hearing and acknowledging that he's clearly displaying manipulation through "playing the martyr" and resistance on his part, NO ONE is looking at the bigger picture, here. Case in point, most likely the attitude that will be asserted in dealing with this recent terrorist attack.

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Yom, the U.S. constritution guarantees equal rights to the citizens within its pluralistic society. Sharia violates, or would negate, this very basic but foundational principal. There may be a few in the free world who think as you do, but there are enough of us who enjoy our freedom that would certainly, no absolutely prevent Sharia from infringing upon our judeo-christian/grecco-roman, democratic infrastructure. Sorry to have to burst the ol bubble on that!

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EXACTLY on ALL points!

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Interestingly, and sorry it's a bit off topic, but Jim Caviezel played Jesus in the Passions of the Christ. Guess he has a penchant for roles in religious films that depict controversial issues... just as a side thought.

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Robert, you have done a great job with this site and have had to, and due to the nature of the issues the site reveals, report on many heinous events. For some reason, however, this actually literally gave me chills within the first couple paragraphs of reading it... Thank you, as always, though, for keeping us informed!

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"You say the life within her has rights before it is born, I say it doesn’t up until the law says it does"
So wait wait wait... At SOME point, the growing fetus has rights, according to the law, which you say you adhere to and acknowledge - what justifies that particular rulling according to your reasoning and circular argument about supressing a woman's right to choose?? If, by your own statements, it's the woman's choice, how do we know that the laws in place aren't already taking away the right to choose? Then, what is wrong with changing those laws in accordance with the acknowleding that this is a unique, individual life form. Look, a zygote does not grow into a giraffe, or a tree, or a table - it grows into human life! What is worse: taking away the life of a man whose had time on this earth to do good and bad, or preventing the innocent life that's never had that same opportunity? I say the latter...Disclaimer: this is NOT a justification for the killing of Dr. Tiller. That was a horrible display and completely deplorable!

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It's as though we are dealing with spoiled, cranky children, coming down off of the sugar highs of "empowerment" and gifting they've received from Uncle Sam and now mother and father USA must step in and reprimand accordingly (which we won't, and hence the child, or Muslim Middle East, continues it's spoiled rotten, entitled behavior...).

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So, with speeches like this, I guess we can find answers as to why the dolts in the MSM make "Arab World" and Middle East synonomous with "Muslims/Islam". If we look at this supposed agressiveness (which I'll address in more detail in a moment), it's in the Arab Middle East, right? Think Iraq, Afghanistan, Desert Storm... These were not campaigns to asert direct violence or aggression TOWARDS Muslims, they were, in actuality attempts to help citizens, or even peaceful muslims, ward off dictators and ensure freedom for all from Tyranny. Is it OUR (the US's) fault that the offensives were headed BY men who happened to BE Muslim? No! They chose this, or centuries before if their families were forced to convert to, this Ideology! This fact, then, becomes an afterthought, really, to the American Politician or Soldier fighting for the rights of the people we are defending, or sending monetary aide to (or at least until this current administration! We shall walk on egg shells now should ANY other "Islamic" nation decide to engage in violent campaigns).

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Ah! Thank you for that tid-bit of info! I will certainly try that next time!

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When and where does this stop? He, Obama, has NO sense of shame, he has no sense of decency on behalf of the country that he was elected to lead. WHO and when are they going to hold him responsible for these displays? Who does HE have to answer to??? Clearly, it's not the general public (and probably in his not-so-humble opinion, peons) that have the right to... Blue plate special for the next few years in the US: Facism! Don't it taste grand???