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Palin left out one thing.If she was so great and wonderful why didn't the McCain/Palin ticket win?

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Even though we were on opposite sides of politics,I am shocked and sadden to hear this.At first I didn't believe it until they announced it on The Daily Rundown.
My condolences to his family and friends and to all of you who posted here in agreement.

Those of you who are posting wishing it was some one else,that is a poor way to honor his memory.I don't think he would have wanted that.

AB rest in peace.

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Good comeback LOL.

Hall monitor I am out.

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I am rooting for Santorum!
So are the Democrats.

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AB is that you? Your comment don't make sense.

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What say AB about this?

D.C. correspondent David Shuster calls right-wing blogger Andrew Breitbart a hypocrite for his silence on the subject of the rape allegation facing his conservative activist protégé James O'Keefe even as Breitbart accuses Occupy protestors of failing to report rape. Shuster characterizes Breitbart as a "frequently unstable publicity-seeking hack" and implores him to "get some psychological help."

LOL because you wont post my comments.I will get around being banned when the time is right.

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getting more difficult for you marxist/lefties to defend him.
You left out socialist and communist.

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Fact check it for yourself.Oil imports were down to 49 percent in 2010.More rigs are drilling for oil in the United States today than have been for 25 years.

Speculators on Wall street control the oil futures markets.The unrest in the middle east is the main cause for the high gas prices as speculators do their thing.

If your GOP candidates tell you that they can reduce gas prices to .25 cent a gallon you would believe it.Just watching and listening to right wing media can fry your brain.Try some diversity in where you get your information.

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“I used to be a conservative, and I watch these debates and...I don’t think I’ve changed,”“But it’s a little troubling sometimes when people are appealing to people’s fears and emotion,” “rather than trying to get them to look over the horizon for a broader perspective, and that’s kind of where we are.”-------------Jeb Bush.

Romney is not attracting people who want rationality leavened by romance. Santorum is repelling people who want politics unmediated by theology. Neither Romney nor Santorum looks like a formidable candidate for November.-------------------George Will

“In our party it is an advantage to be more conservative, but at the end of the day I think most Republicans want somebody who can beat Barack Obama,” “And nobody in my opinion has made that case to the Republican voters yet — Romney, Santorum, Paul or Gingrich. I don’t think any of them has made the case that ‘I am the guy who has the best chance to beat Obama.----------------------Haley Barbour

With the nonsense you hear out of GOP candidates,it's no wonder so many in the party are worried.

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Racist what has the FLOTUS to do with this news thread or the comment?.