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How many people die each year of flu period.? I think the estimate is over 36,000 in the US alone. I think people are just using this as another tragedy to be used for political use.

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Fascism is not the extreme Right. Socialism was coined when Socialist Italy refused to be apart of the global socialist movement based in Russia. Therefore Stalin declared them Fascists, and an enemy of the Socialist community as they would not be apart of the Russian empire. Fascism is national socialism. Socialism is full government power. Fascism is Socialism, therefore Fascism is the extreme left. Glenn, I was a little pissed off at your radio program. The extreme right is not Fascism, it is anarchy. Lets please get our facts straight, or we will never be able to say we are more informed that the brain dead left.

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17, I would have guessed way more than that. Maybe he is just saying that so we the proles won't get upset. Oh 17, thats not too much... Well this has always been a problem, FDR had tons of socialists in his inner circle. I personally place a lot of blame on todays happenings and downfall, on the generation of FDR. Although they were amazing in the defending of America's liberties, the politicians of that day started the extrodinary destruction of the America that was originally defeated. Obama is another FDR, but if you actually read history, that is a very bad thing. FDR was only soluted I believe for his policies in the war. And as such he must not be talked against. However, if you read his policies, he was the most socialist president ever.

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This really is Democracy at its best. If majority of people say its okay to bossnap, then by all means, let us boss nap. Although the terminology for kidnapping a boss, sounds like a boss taking a nap, but I digress. That video Glenn had about the difference between being a Republic, and a Democracy was great. And we should start by teaching our own children the Iron Clad difference between the two. This is as a result of the last 60+ years of our politicians and media declaring the US is a democracy.

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Also add 1984, by George Orwell, and Ayne Ran Atlas Shrugged. Two very important fictional novels about where we are heading. I am reading 1984 right now, and it is creeping me out.

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I hope everyone realizes that everything you have is covered with the Staphacocal virus, as well salmonella, diptheria, the cold virus, flu. Oh, and the grass, yeah there is trace amounts of anthrax. Maybe we should all drink Victory Gin, Victory Coffee, and maybe some government hand out soyent green (I realize this is two different books). Come on guys, we have a population of 330 million and counting, and what 800 people get sick, maybe 10 already dieing old people die, and we call it and epidemic. Come on!!!! Give me a break. When 15% of the consumers get sick, then we need to worry.

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I was wondering the other day; so much has happened recently that has angered me to the point of rage. I have been thinking; something should be done about this, and when are we the people, going to stand up against this. I think this is a very important thing. What is the one thing the government will do, for us to revolt, to burn down Washington. Is it religion? No several states have already trampled on religion. Is it marriage? No. Is it the family? No. Guns? No... Government has already taken away so many freedoms and liberties, and we have done nothing. I once heard a quote which struck me; "All people who call themselves patriots say they are willing to die for their country, how many say they are willing to kill for it." I am definately not saying we should go out and kill the foes of liberty now. But when are we going to stop lieing down in the middle of the road, dead, while the government steals away our liberties. As I reflect, I still do not know when the tipping point is for me.

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Well maybe if the illegals are counted only as 3/5th of a person, then maybe we can all compromise on this. Sound familiar? Read your history everyone, history always repeats itself. Remember, it was the issue of counting slaves, that started the tear between the north and south. I know that counting illegals in the census will probably not throw the US into another civil war, but something will.

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Let us not forget that the tree of liberty must at times be refreshed by the blood of Patriots and tyrants. Thomas Jefferson.

It really saddens me also, that the majority of the nation has turned a blind eye to the adminstrations doings. While Bush was theoretically scrutinized for putting on his pants incorrectly, Obama is truly being given Carte Blanche, to proceed as he wishes. Lets be honest with ourselves, and realize that our nation has elected its first King in over 230 years, and at least the next 4 years we will be paying homage to the king, whether we like it or not.

"Only a Virtuous people are capable of Freedom. As nations become more corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters." Benjamin Franklin

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Shot at maybe, but that is what the crazin cowards do. My question is why did he do it quietly,and behind doors. That is what bothers me. The financial aspect of the current agenda is broadcast across every news media outlet, however the main agenda of the president is being done behind close doors. This guy is the best illusionist, as he is directing the nations attention with one hand, and taking our watches with the other. I don't mind him taking away guns on airlines if he has a reason, or a plan. But to just do it, in secret.

"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety. " Benjamin Franklin

I think this means that we the people giving up our gun rights, or liberties to move about our own country so as to purchase a bit of peace of mind, have sold our liberties to the lowest bidder. Let us not forget that the freedom to bear arms, is to secure us from a tyranical government.