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Oh, and the finger scanner thingy.

Hehe. Ok, fine. Horrible joke.

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Yeah. And I thought New Super Mario Bros. Wii was the best they had...

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Best 2 minutes of my year.


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Yes, yes. Very much. That 2 minutes made my E3.

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Oh... My.... God...

One word: Yes.

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How would you breathe?

Silent but deadly...

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I actually like this upgrade. Looks like they're taking a leaf from Sony's book with the vertical trigger buttons. I also like the grips a lot better. Maybe it'll stop me from throwing my Classic so much!

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Ah, my bad. Got it mixed up.

But... I still don't understand WHY Retro would put a similar looking ship to Sylux's in Prime 3, unless they were going to do a spin-off or explanation.

This COULD be that explanation, but what would it have to do with Space Pirates?

Of course, we could be going out on a limb by even thinking this theory is what the banner is for. It could have NOTHING to do with Sylux, Prime 3, or even the Prime series for that matter.

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I don't quite the secret ending of Prime 3 unearthed a sighting of the Delano 7, but I do believe that the Prime series shouldn't be over. The only problem I foresee is that, like my last post stated, Huchinson died after release of Prime 3.

A very interesting thought just came to me. What if this "side story somehow links Sylux, owner of the Delano 7, to the Space Pirates, thus the "From the perspective of the Space Pirates," and makes the connection of what in the world Prime: Hunters had to do with the actual Prime series, and informs us on who and what the secret ending really meant.
And for those of you who don't know the background between Sylux and the Space Pirates, apparently Sylux stole Pirate technology.
This leads me to another thought. What if the Delano 7 was the Pirate tech, and the ending was showing Space Pirates? Or what if it was supposed to be Dark Samus for that matter!

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First off, if anyone remembers, Mark Haigh-Hutchinson, one of the major engineers of the Prime series died about a year ago. *If* we're going to expect anything else Metroid, it won't be from Retro which could mean two things; Some one could continue the series but have a different style, or another Metroid game, but not necessarily a Prime title.

I despise the thought that it could be a Prime: Hunters or Pinball continuation as I personally disliked those games in many ways. (Now, I've played and beaten both games, and I was the one who played over 300 hours of Hunters multiplayer, mostly with bots.)

So, as Mike has pointed out, don't get that excited. If they were working on something big, someone would have said something at E3, if not several other places. Plus, Retro isn't one to hide things. Remember Echoes? That looong wait we had to suffer through? It wouldn't be coming soon if they haven't released anything publicly - which they haven't.