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I think it's too easy to adopt a lynch-mob mentality towards an individual, especially when most people will not have seen the underlying problems that Bennett explained with his resignation. Rather than focus on recrimination, law-suits, and blame would it not be better for the Party to redouble its efforts, move on and concentrate on gaining real power in the next election?

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The reason why so many are disgusted by mainstream politicians is aptly described by Phillips in the article when she says:

"For because the focus-group-driven Cameroons are aware of the disapproval of core conservative voters, they are tacking to both right and left simultaneously - saying, for example, that they will take stern measures to reduce the financial deficit and safeguard all social programs - and so are coming across as incoherent and unprincipled. They have thus fallen into the greatest of contemporary political elephant traps. For what voters today prize above all is authenticity - the perception that a politician is utterly true to himself, and that what you see is what you get."

Some BNP candidates in this election may lack the polish and slick marketing techniques of LibLabCon, but for me that is a bonus. What you do get are sincerely held convictions expressed with honesty and integrity. That authenticity makes the BNP leagues ahead of the other main parties.

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You are correct about Shakesperare's birthday Bodica. In Stratford-upon-Avon there is always a celebration / procession on 23rd April which sort of merges into St George's Day. Unfortunately for Will, it was also the day he died!

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In July 2009, all of the newspapers and science magazines screamed about the Soay sheep “shrinking” due to warmer winters. Yet another example of looking for any story to feed the mass hysteria about supposed anthropogenic climate change. If these lazy journalists had bothered to investigate, they would have found a much more plausible explanation put forward by Sheffield University's Dr Slate back in January 2008.

This research showed that although three quarters of the sheep on Hirta had dark coats and larger bodies, it was the other quarter of the population – with lighter coats and smaller bodies – that had genetic traits that improved their ability to reproduce. So not only were generations of sheep getting lighter coats, they were also passing on the genes that governed a smaller body size.

What this demonstrates again is that in both science and journalism, it is much more fashionable to provide accounts which include some theory of the consequences of global warming. We should also “Follow the Money”. Scientists need to research and publish in order to survive in academia. To research, they need research grants. And the people controlling the research grants look extremely favourably on any application that involves anything to do with climate change. It's a form of politically-correct group-think that's driven from the whole climate change industry. The group-think surrounding global warming is a self-sustaining bubble of illusion that one day will burst. Before they pick some other imminent “disaster”, to instill fear while they fleece us.


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A beautiful piece of writing, and a clarion call to join the fight against the New World Order.
Thank you!

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Has April 1st come early this year?

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The late Tony Hancock would have been incensed by this news. :)

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I think the points you are making are extremely important. There are fundamental aspects of our liberty that have been enshrined in common law and British history and culture and that is what is under threat by the new Statism of the current political elite, not just in Britain, but in the EU, the USA, WTO et al. I share your concern in that by reacting to the authoritarianism of Lib/Lab/Cons, we simply replace it with another knee-jerk authoritarian creed leaning in the opposite direction. That would also be a betrayal of our heritage of freedom.
We need to be ever vigilant in pursuit of each Briton's liberty in relation to the power of the state. You can't force people to be free, just allow them the possibility. The current political elite seem intent on banning everything they don't like; the mistake would be for the BNP to react by banning everything they disagreed with, without considering the net effect on the freedom of thought, action and expression of the indigenous British.

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Excellent article from Sean Gabb.
Here's another by Dr Gabb on Britain's "New Totalitariansim" - complete political control of British society brought about by bureaucracy rather than brute force.

It's ironic that only yesterday, Gatwick security stopped a man for wearing a T-shirt which said "Freedom or Die".
As Tony Hancock said: "What about Magna Carta - did she die in vain?" :)

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The review has come to a mature decision. The point of being professional in a job, whether your opinions are marxist, liberal or right-wing, is that you don't allow those personal views to influence the way that you carry out your duties.

The assumption that professional teachers can't understand this distinction, thereby requiring bans and more state control, has been part of an underlying process of infantilisation of state and council employees.