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What an idiot.
Trident? It's the cheapest deterrent and cannot be replaced as a deterrent by armed forces.
Expenses? 'She' think people who work late are assisted with their travel by employers.........since when and who?
Big state? - what for? What is it that this 'big state' will do for us other than employ lots of ethnics, blacks and gays whilst discriminating against white people?

I watched the rest but truth is I'd spit in her face if I ever saw her.

Yes indeed, Labour and the rats who support that bunch deserve her and we deserve to have rid of her and the rest of them as soon as possible.

Incidentally, Cameron and Clegg are no better. ALL politicians hate the British people, simple as.

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George Soros, the Orange Man of the Bilderberg Group who launches economic attacks on countries, gives money to political factions to create revolutions, and who creates war by proxy with the provision of arms. - Ukaraine and Georgia just two of them but also look at Poland and Afghanistan pre-Russian / Afghanistan war in the 80's and then look at CIA operations in Iran at the same time period and you'll find this Orange Man lurking in the midst of it all. This man is a freaking warmonger, same as Blair, both Bushes, Clinton and now Obama. They are all inextricably linked to Bilderberg, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Tri-Lateral Group which is Bilderberg with a Japanese stamp on it, and they have absolutely NOTHING to add to the world of political thought except to do what it takes to maintain THEIR own sorry arses in the same 'game'.

Nationalism is a 'natural' thing for all people to feel. It is the essence of mankind's survival. Without a bond which ties man together with his neighbour, his friend, his family and his ancestral past and future, then mankind is nothing.

This man is the equivalent of Satan's messenger on earth and there are many who will willingly listen to the devil to feed their own greedy mouths.

His days, as are those of his bosses, are numbered.

Incidentally, there are many siren voices on our side if you look for them. Example, Norman Tebbit who wrote an article the other day which I see you placed on the London Patriot. Another guy I could mention is the journalist Leo McKinstry who wrote this article 3 years ago -

The difference between them and us is that they pose no threat and the answer is simple. They didn't raise a political movement to fight them like Nick Griffin did and that is why they must obliterate us because only nationalists and patriots can possibly defeat their aims.

It is quite obvious when you look at it properly.

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I just finished watching the video you sent me on FB mate which royalcraig made last year. It's a serious piece of work. On the vid he had an image of an article from Leo McKinstry writing in the Express. The article is entitled: "HOW THE GOVERNMENT HAS DECLARED WAR ON WHITE ENGLISH PEOPLE". I found the article and copied it to my blog with the video.

We have to keep battling any way we can against this appalling destruction.

Thanks sheffieldbnp.

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Same shit, same shit, same shit, from the same politicians who are shit, in our British Democracy.

Plus, Message to the west from Sweden (includes this article)

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Estulin addresses EU Parliament on Bilderberg.

50 of the European press were there and not one British media covered it.

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That bottom link can now be seen here Rijker mate.

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Yes that's right Mike.
We need - as a people - to follow through the courts on ANY action taken to discriminate against us.

Also, people might want to consider where control really exists. Control in a consumer driven society rest with the consumer and currently there are no laws against consumers who demand that businesses employ indigenous people and sell local goods.

They can't throw ALL their customers out and they can't buy stuff no one will want and a lack of taxes will lead to governments collapsing - or driving policies to suit the economy. (US).

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Wow, given that response I guess I'm safe able to say I define my support for anything as leaning toward what I can see and hear as factual truth, and if I happen to agree with it then I support it.

As opposed to supporting murdering sons of bitches with iron bars, guns and knives, screaming Allah Akbar whilst trying to kill soldiers descending a rope.

Critical thinking obviously isn't your main strength I see.

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lol, yeah really 'simple' Odin. 'Just get rid of all the crooks he says'....

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