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We don't mind if you want to use the Lil Redd Wrecker images.
Thanks for your contact and We've really appriciated that.

#StaySafeAtHome #KeepHealthy

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:) You can ask directly to the builder via

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Thank you for your comment. ;)

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But this one is real:

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Sama-sama mbak.. :)
Kami tunggu karya anda berikutnya..

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That's right and need to be underlined, that all it was a good effort in order to realize a better life with healthy environmental conditions.

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It turns out Lamborghini ever has the motorcycle division in the 1984 - 1985. And throughout its existence has been produced as much as 20 - 25 unit of 'Lamborghini Design 90' motorcycles.
This is one of a kind Ferrari motorcycle that ever made by David Kay Engineering and named 'Ferrari 900' in honor of Enzo Ferrari.

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I a gree with you about the electric motorbikes was eco-friendly. And regarding the price, maybe a little bit expensive. As quoted from Autoblog, this unique electric motorcycle sold at a price of $6,000. :D

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It too expensive isn't? Those price numbers for Indonesian's motorcycle market only.
This is due to import duties on the Completely Build Up (CBU) vehicles like this bike in my country is very expensive (it can reach three times of the original price). Of course this will be different in your country. :D

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Thanks for your comments and I appreciate your opinions.
But We're sorry only one of 4 your comments published in here.
The gold-colored concept car is indeed a 1969 Opel CD (Coupé Diplomat).
Based on my less-knowledge about the car the result of cooperation between Opel and GM. The collaboration began in 1965 until mid 1975. According to several sources that I read, the car that started it all was the 1965 Opel Experimental GT. (Photo of the car:
Encouraged by the positive public response to the Experimental GT and the great market success of the series production GT, so Opel continued made 1969 Opel CD (Coupé Diplomat) featured a one-piece "greenhouse" windscreen and side windows with integrated doors, which pivoted forward to access the cabin. The Opel CD was based on an Opel Diplomat and featured the 5,354 cc Opel Diplomat engine. (Photo of the car:
As you're intention as the Opel GT 2 is the final result of cooperation of both companies. The Opel GT 2 concept car was built in 1975 and based on the contemporary Manta and Ascona with unique sliding doors, and powered by the 1,900 cc four-cylinder unit from Opel’s portfolio, the 105-horsepower car could reach 200 kph. (Photo of the car: