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And I for one have grown weary of it all. If it did start, we would all hear about it second hand. There is nothing we could do by being glued to any of the media outlets. Oh except miss life. And if we only have a few left, sitting in front of the radio or TV is not where I'll be spending mine.

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Hello again anyone who'd remember me.
First post in weeks. And I'll begin with this.......................... let's go ahead and get it started. I'm worn out of being cowed into staying glued to the news watching, waiting for something that never happens. All of their rhetoric and intentional headlining has a single purpose. TO KEEP US WATCHING. And while watching the 28 minutes of commercials included in every hour of programming, hoping to glean some sort of notice that it has started. Like a starting gun, and we're all ined up in the chocks, straining, hoping to be the first one to hear it and re-act. Because like it or not all we can do is re-act.

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The unfortunate side effect is that the people that were staying on the correct side of the line are now paying for everyone else. And soon they will fall below the yellow line themselves.


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The question remains. WHICH SIDE OF THE LINE ARE YOU ON?

We need to look at ourselves and our families first. Plan for your future. Believe it or not we still do run this country. Get ready with the thumbs down and the complaints. The blame for this whole mess falls at OUR feet. The gov't didn't engineer this whole mess. The people ALL went out and spent morre money than they will make in two years. Now the debts are due.

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The point of all of this is that. Depending on your current or future caste the level of services allowed you will be dictated. Please take the meaasures that will insure your families future. Movement in this direction is inevitable.

When the cost of services rises beyond the scope of many businesses budget, plans will be reduced, and memberships canceled. As companies struggle to stay in business the lanscape will change. DRAMATICALLY.

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The impetus for this was a lot research and watching. You can learn everything you need by just opening your eyes. As an example I was watching a show called 2050 on one of the Discovery channels. During the program was a segment about future health insurance. The gentleman on the show live in a "smart house" that monitored his health in various ways. Analizing his urine for toxins. Watching his diet. etc.

Because of his "status" his held the lower level insurance plans. When it was determined that one or more of his habits was contrary to good health. His plan was revoked. And service was denied.

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Hello all,

I have almost sworn off writing posts. (due to heavyhanded censorship)

A long time ago I said to my wife that there was going to come a time in the future that a line would be drawn in the sand. And the level of services available to a person would be directly related to which side of the line you were on. This line has nothing to do with D or R, left or right, but which end of the financial spectrum you fell in.

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I'll give it a shot Jason,

Car dealerships don't actually purchase the cars on their lot they are kind of on loan from the manufacturer. The manufacturer is charging the dealerships for all of the cars on the lot. If the dealers can't pay b/c sales are slow the manufacturer loses money. It's a lot more complicated than that. But there are the basics. Closing dealerships shinks competition and reduces debt load.

hope that helps

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Your comment is the truth Jeff. I have been in real estate for years. I'm in central Florida. People have a few things to consider. First the statistics are a large part of the hype used to make potential buyers feel like they are missing out. Creating a mini frenzy. Also if you take the actual sales from a year ago and add the 0.82% you're just short of doubling sales. So if you sold 5000 Q1 08 then you sold 9100 Q1 09. The main thing to remember is that the amount of existing inventory is split like you said into seller owned, short sale, and REO. So if your increase in sales is largely SS or REO the SO properties are still sitting on the market decreasing in value while the sharks fight over the bloody fish. Recovery won't happen until the chum has cleared and the SO properties begin to move again.

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I've got your six bud. Scroll to the road. You can contact me direct dumpa1@hotmail.com . Getting tired of being censored...............