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Here are some simple ideas I am trying to follow. I investigate the banks that I deal with. If they have anything to do with bailouts, I would change banks. I will not buy any new vehicles from Chrysler or Chevy, no matter what, I will only consider a new vehicle from Ford.(if I ever have the money to buy a new vehicle again) I will not go into the stock market, I will not vote for anyone who suported any of the previous companies or banks. I do my homework when it comes to local politicians before I vote, and I make calls and letters and e-mails to my reps in office now, even if it means being on every watch dog lists and being called a terrorists. I think we all should send mini Constitutions to the white house with a simple letter that reads..."THIS IS WHAT I WANT" Perhaps a million of those in the mail box would at least inform the White house that we are for real. I also do not watch, read or otherwise patron any news organization that does not keep me well informed of what my government is doin. What do ya think? If there is anything else I could be doing please let me know.

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Unfortunately they also tax the income made from the intrest. You would be better off putting it under a mattress at this point.

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Bringing home the Politicians is a great idea. I believe that they should also be required to hold a monthly town hall meeting, in person, to discuss with their constituants what they are doing and what they will be voting on and allow feed back from those constituants. If they don't have a chance to speak directly with their constituants, then they must abstain from voting!

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Is it just me or has anyone noticed that BO has not formerly come out himself to condemn his plane being used to scare the crap out of New Yorkers. Everyone is outraged, but BO hasn't made a campaign speech(opps I mean a Formal speech)about the misshap. The media reports that he was extremely angry and chastized the guy who scheduled it, but doesn't he think he needs to stand up and clear the air about this and apologize to New York himself, I mean he sure thinks it is important to make speeches about the previous administrations mistakes, release memos giving top secret information to everyone on the planet about our bussiness, how hypocritical not to do the same for his own mistakes. I want to know, who gave the OK, who thought the idea up, how much of our money do we now have to print for the cost of this diaster and who the hell was on the plane in the first place. Let's get our outlooks fired up and ask everybody. Flood the white house server.

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Glenn wasn't ridiculing those who believe in the second coming. Glenn believes in the second coming. It is part of his faith. He was merely showing a humorous point of view that we as nation will go one of two ways about this flu scare. There will be those who panic and those who don't give it any thought at all and maybe get caught unprepared. Lighten up, and get a clue, if you take things so literally you will miss the point entirely. I am a believer and I wasn't offended at Glenn's comments.

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Exactly what I was trying to say a couple of weeks ago about the bow. We need to stay focused here and stay on task. The task at hand is to take our country back and reestablish our liberty given to us by the Constitution. We can have a smile and a laugh about it though while we are doing what needs to be done. By the way, here in Utah, since the end of last summer, a number of marajuana growing operations have been discovered. The latest was last November, Discovered by hunters. The law enforcement officials believe that, because of the liability in transporting the drugs across the boarder, Thank You Campeon and Ramos, and all of the wild fires in California, the drug cartels were moving their operations on this side of the boarder to new locations.

We should not be in the prevent the violence and such from spilling over our boarder mode, instead we should be in the stop it now before it gets worse mode. The problem has already been here for a while. I e-mailed BO and told him to get rid of Napolitano, we definately need to ban together and stay on her behind for sure.

Also if you hunt, be careful, the operations found here in southern Utah were elaborate and there were armed illegals found at one of the four sites. Be careful where you hunt.

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ohh I think I figured it out. LOL

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Ladies and gentleman, I know that our main focus and rightfully so is on the men and women in DC right now. There is one thing however, we all need to keep in mind, and that is our local and state governments. You have to start with your own house and have your own house in order before you can fix someone elses so to speak. We can vote out, protest, flood officials e-mails and switch boards all we want, but in order to make DC strong we have to have strong cities and counties and states. If our state is strong, i.e. Texas for example, then we can sway DC. In order for that philosophy to work all our states have to be strong. For our states to be strong our cities and counties have to be strong. We gotta start getting rid of the corruption in our backyards first and formost, let us remember our President started as a community organizer, that is where DC gets its politicians, they rise from our neighborhoods. So I urge you all to look at your own mayors and county commisioners, sheriffs and city attorneys, that's where this thing has to start. When DC see's that it is loosing it's strong hold on the towns and the states they will take notice. So don't forget your own house in all of this. Everything starts at home. Just a thought.

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I do believe you are right sir, however I think it better to start a no party movement. Let's not affiliate ourselves to another party label that will eventually end up corrupt and separated from the people. Let's, instead, simply call ourselves as Americans and refuse to affiliate with an organized party and instead affiliate ourselves with we the people. Hello my name is James and I am running for the office of _____ as an American. I would vote straight down the we the people party no doubt. Well as long as those running provide some integrity I can believe in.

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As for what do we do next. How about a national campvention. Maybe around Memorial day weekend. Groups can get together in the beauty and colourful spector of our lands and brainstorm as groups what to do next. Maybe we can get possible candidates there to stand and tell us who they are and what they stand for and we can read our Constitution in honor of those who died to defend it. I would love to put together something like that. What do you all think? We could call it Constitution Campvention. I live in Southern Utah if anyone here is interested.