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My kids must be advanced, they were using this level of potty humor way before the age of 10.

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We should play the Redefine-That-Name Game with Noonan. It'll never beat Santorum, but fun times, none the less.

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I've met Rep Steve King (Racist-IA) and have seen him speak. He is, unfortunately, not stupid. He's a much lower form of life that preys on the ignorance of his constituents. He uses lies and fear to rial up hate. I would rephrase to nija master god king of evil....the only reason he hasn't gone farther in politics is that he can't hide that grinchy-smirk behind a baby face like Paul Ryan.

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Uggg....I hate it when you're all fair-minded and good-hearted. Fine, FINE!...I very sincerely wish Mr. Bush a speedy recovery in the hopes he will continue his efforts in Africa.


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Thank GOD for Poland. (Never thought that would be something that I'd say/post/think...but here we are.)

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Just one more reason to hate Tuesday.

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Why, exactly, is there not a Wonkette store on zazzle? I would already own the "I'm gonna tolerate and love the SHIT out of you" shirt...and just think of the Christmas ornaments!!!! You want my money, I want to wear snarky-pony-art..... I think we could make this work.

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Where's the fun in that? I'd much rather torture the poor, persecuted Jebus-Lovin bakers by forcing them to make Gay Cakes against God!! They squeal like you just fed them to a lion.

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Isn't putting that many pictures of giant dicks in one article a bit too pornographic for a nice mommy-blog like Wonkette?

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WHOW, WHOOOOW! Let us keep Pearl Jam out of this entirely, please. Sheesh, is there nothing sacred to you people?