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WOW I was was wondering how much the Jewish people were going to take from this administration before the finally Spoke up. I couldn't believe they supported Obama to begin with in 08 .Then I heard Hillary speak the other day over in the Mid east about Palestine i almost fell off my couch She just threw Israel under the Bus. like some un known colony in Africa. Israel you are in BIG trouble with out us We must replace this administration .Please people Wake up before it to late for all of us.

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Geez come on Newt I was solidly behind you But now your starting to show the reason your slipping . we dont want a petty person in charge .Your better then that Stop giving fodder to the dems
Who ever approved that should be fired I would love to see you debate Obama but you never will because of this STICK TO THE ISSUES and your intellect not this petty crap

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The tax policy Center These guys are un real Do they just make this crap up ? Thats ok with an audience of ten it dosent matter

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Pee wee Herman ?

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Delusional beyond believe http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-oS4WLui3Q The truth you idiot

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The only thing squashed was human feces under cops feet left behind by these losers

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yea they will be back in the spring

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Seriously is he stil on the air ? I miss his incisive commentary lol

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He may be all about himself but man would i love to see him go int the oval office and kick some ass up and down both sides of the aisle and get them to snap out of their DC mentality and deal with the real threats to our country both from within and outside. Its a shame it will never happen In the end will just get another politician who cant get anything done. a fried of mine is moving back to New zealand after 14 years here "its just not the same here anymore " thats an understatement I wish i could go with him if the marxist gets in again

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You have to be kidding me That was a viscous illegal hit And the coaches him letting play after it was worse .Harrison Just doesn't get it last year he was fined 125k for the same thing.. hits to the HEAD . He could have flattened him any where and maybe broke a few ribs but a shot to the head??? He was in a completely defenseless position and he chose to go for the head On ESPN 75 % of the people polled think he should have be suspended 33% up to two games and i agree and should have been thrown out of the game .Football is violent enough you can actually get killed or paralyzed stepping out on to that field So unnecessary thuggish hits can not be tolerated And thats exactly what Harrison is a thug and Im a Steelers fan and i can not condone that .