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If this is how low they have to go, than I guess Mr. Cain must really be a threat. (And as a "woman", I must say I don't like vegies or fruit on my pizza, but that's just me.) Mr. Cain is right, I've never been to a super bowl party that the guys asked for vegies on their pizza! That's just the truth!!!!!!

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New Flash: Herman Cain to hold a news conference tomorrow. Hope he stands strong and denies the allegations.

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I've been following the comments posted on since this "press release" today. NO ONE is buying this BS (other than a few trolls). As a matter of fact, I think Mr. Cain's campaign contributions will be going up AGAIN. None of her story can make sense to any smart, reasonable person. I had red flags from the beginning when camera ho Allred was going through her resume, and I wondered why she hasn't held a job for very long. And why if he did the things she said, why didn't she get out of the car and take a taxi back to the hotel if she was SOOOOO offended. Those were just a few of the problems I had with this. I could go on, but I won't.

This stinks, and we all know it. I love the fact that her name is out, and people are posting who she is and her history. Not exactly a stellar citizen. Even Allred can't save her from her past!

Bring it on Gloria..... You are not going to win this one!

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I posted this yesterday at TRS:

Let me see if I have this right: They have a right to "peacefully" assemble and to free speech.

That does NOT give them the right to:
Infringe on other people's rights to free speech and assembly
Impede traffic
Assault police officers
Vandalize other people's property
Trash our public places and turn them into cesspools of filth
Shut down commerce
Rape, steal, do drugs, etc.
Injure innocent people passing by
Impede other people's free movement (including those that are handicapped)
Commit arson

I'm sure I'm leaving out a few, but you get the idea. I don't know about you, but I'm getting sick & tired of these occupiers taking over cities and the Mayors allowing this to get totally out of control. They should arrest any & all that break the law, period, end of story. Free speech doesn't trump all other laws! They say they are the 99... I don't think so, they are the minority infringing upon people that live law abiding lives.

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Anyone who was working in the 90's remember when "Sexual Harassment" was the HR hot topic. Everyone received training (management & non-management). All claims were strictly handled by HR & Legal in a confidential manner. If the claim ended up being false..... (which many were), the employee was terminated and given the standard severance to avoid expensive litigation cost. From the time this story broke, I suspected that's what happened.

Frankly, I think Mr. Cain should stop answering questions about it, and move on.

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I couldn't agree more. Out of 3 kids, I'm the only one (many, many years ago), who decided I didn't want to go to college and be in debt for student loans when I graduated. My mother was so disappointed, at the time. But I was lucky enough to get a very good education in grade school and high school. I started with a very large international company at an entry level job and every 6 months was promoted. Over the course of my career I ended up getting on-going management training from the company and kept moving up until I was just 2 levels below the president, who knew me very well.

I probably know more about managing any business than any MBA student coming out of college with a ton of debt.

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For those of us old enough to remember back "in the old days" of school..... John does make an excellent point.

In 7th & 8th grades we had Home Economics, auto shop, wood shop, as well as music, art, etc. The fun part was at mid semester the girls and boys would trade Home Ec, wood, metal and shop classes. What we all learned is quite obvious. But the beauty of it all was that we had to use are academic skills & common sense in practical applications. (read & comprehend written instructions on your own; use math skills like fractions; measure with accuracy; understanding how an engine works; working safely with power tools, etc. Before we even got into high school, even the girls knew how to change a flat tire and the boys knew the basics of cooking. In Home Ec we all learned how to balance a checkbook!

And let's not forget about P.E. everyday where we had to wear those horrific uniforms. We had recess everyday after lunch where we ran and played games like dodge ball (oh wait, they can't do that anymore). I don't recall there being a single obese child in school. I agree with John, when we went outside to play we didn't wear helmets or pads of any kind. You learned pretty quickly how NOT to get hurt, and if you got a "boo-boo", oh well. You picked yourself up, and got on with it. The first time you ran home (unless you had a broken bone or something serious), your parents didn't give much sympathy, and would say, hopefully you learned your lesson. Now stop crying and go back outside.

Those were the good old days. You actually had to work hard to earn self esteem...... It was well worth it. Great life lessons in those small things.

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When I read your first comment I was shocked.... what, what, what do my personal private healthcare records have to do with the intent of the Patriot Act? I thought that had to do with us losing some privacy rights in the name of protecting us from terrorism! A clear violation of the 4th, I might add.

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I find it very ironic that all of the morons who protest against capitalism complain because they don't have jobs! When you look at the crowds across the country, how many of these idiots would YOU hire? Zip, nada, zilch.... Oh, and I can't wait until our economy turns around, they get a clue, grow up, clean up and they actually DO have an opportunity for a job. What do they think the prospective employer is going to find in their background check which includes Facebook and other social media on which they've posted. What a bunch of clueless losers.

Glad the mayor is finally doing something...... time to take out the trash!!!!!

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They received an eviction notice and they didn't comply, of course, and the cops came early this morning and totally dismantled the tents, moved them out and made many arrests of those who were refused to leave. I'm glad Oakland is finally doing something about this. It was a filthy mess with stench and rats were a problem. When do the rights of few for free speech get to impede upon citizens right to privacy and a healthy city????

Hey Bloomberg and other mayors across the country........ STOP letting these low life people get away with it.