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Not only is his report idiotic, and stupid, its all to just put a label of Stalin on a GOP canidate.

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Did Dean hear Bashir report on R Santourum tonight. " clear the air" it smells like sh-t and get the bigot off the air
for making propaganda his daily reporting style. Lies and so unprofessional. Its time for him to move on to Aljazeers staion

11 years ago @ Breitbart.tv - Bashir: Santorum Like ... · 0 replies · +2 points

This guy Bashir got his job because of his race, in our fair and just society. He should lose it just as fast fo this insane reports that have no right being put on every night by this islamic mainac hired by MSNBC just to have the Ba--ls to say them and do the things he does. He was originally hired to bash HC and then SP "BASHIR" NO MATTER WHAT. MR SANTORUM will win in land side just over the things Bashir lies about and they know it . The religous right won it for George W.and he now has gone over the top with Stalin.

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What are they protesting

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i wonder what our stock market will do monday!! Did dodd frank bill know this is going on.

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I cant believe whats happen to this country in the past year. Please can someone explain what these "kids" are doing and why!

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What I say last night.You could teach these kids in a tent and they might learn more. Qiut wasting money on Education fraud with new schools every year.

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I like the speach a little, mostly working together but he never mentioned Energy,or did I miss it. Like drilling and production of our natural resourses. Why is it always new schools and roads and bridges, we paid for them already and the money the contruction worker and a teacher make are not the only jobs out there. You can teach a kid in a tent in the woods and they may learn more.Our schools are safe and fine.They road money is missing on half built sections of road (why do they always stop half way down the same road) and the teachers are being paid just fine.We have had 1 intersection near by that has been rebuilt 5 times in 8 years. Finish the job right and get to the next and work without the endless days when there not on site working. Why do you start a job in March /april on the busy hwy to the beach and stop work for June July Aug because of traffic jams

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Yes Newte, Chris Wallace thinks he asking questions about Newts record when its about his campain and more personal and he really just trying to steal the show as some kind of great reporter with trying to stir the pot and start a fight and not asking the questions on how to solve the problems of this country.Really kind of becomming a ass hole "MickyMouse". Great answer Newt!

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Sorry, That is just so fn funny, I just cant stop laughing. It is priceless.I thought he was just filling in for someone like Madcow or Shults but he replaced them? What are they doing at that company. They are as bad as Washington in runing the show. On the other hand I get it. We Just might need comedy in that time slot. Now I get it. LOL lol I cant stop laughing