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Why omit the FACT that these are all black people committing these atrocious attacks on the elderly and otherwise defenseless people?

Say it out loud, you coward of an author...This is what back kids think is fun now. Gang rob a shop, gang beat some old man, then gang rape some local hood chicks. very tribal, very jungle, and quite HEARTLESS.

I see why all the non black folks leave the big cities to the Democrats and Black Gangs. Obama's base.

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How can this be spun as a Dumocrap victory?

TWO MONTHS! Wow....that's gonna put $12 A WEEK! in my pocket! Oh, THANK YOU MR. PRESIDENT!

Oh, but what happens to Social Security? Never mind, right? right?

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There should be consequences. Nobody should be above THAT many laws.

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because they happen fast, and people are scrambling to survive.

Sure, they should stand pat, and provide voyeurs with spectacular footage.

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ron Paul reminds me of one of those little dogs that are constantly yapping and snapping at your ankles.

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Obama's base.

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flipped the bird, broke the computer monitor.

What more could there be to this story?

Azzwipes like this deserve, rather, NEED to be fired.

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Wow, those white kids are always so violent, aren't they?

There is not enough security in their whole town to control these morons.

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The difference is, for O everything is just a prop.

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Hope & Fear? I thought it was Hope & Change!

Obama, Hope & Fear.

Vote him OUT!