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We get there by NEVER compromising our values, chief among them our support for religious freedom and tolerance.

- You mean like a religious organization being exempt from being forced to provide services that go against their doctrine?

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Remeber the debacle called the Stimulus?

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I dont smoke pot dick! I believe in freedom of choice, freedom of privacy, and a persons freedom over their body. It's obvious that scares you because you want the government inside peoples homes making sure they are not doing something you dont want them to do! And if they are... well they are criminals!

You like it when government enforces YOUR morality on others.

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Ted Kennedy got away with murder because he comes from a influential, rich, white family.

You should be outraged... If he was a poor back or mexican kid from the hood, he would have been executed by the state over 30 years ago..

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"Marijuana is a drug with medical uses--the tokers who smoke it recreationally are abusing a drug, just as those who get high on Xanax or valium or any other controlled substance are using and abusing those drugs in a manner that the drug was not intended"

Who gets to define how marajuana is intended? Government or the consumer.

I guess you are one of those people who need government to tell you how everything is intended and if for some reason you go against what the government dictates you should go to jail, pay fines, be labled a criminal!

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"No one's advocating government "control" of your body"

If government can put a person in jail, fine, and brand a person a criminal for putting a subtance in their body... Government is controlling their body.

Really... why do you care what a person does in the privacy of their own home if they are not harming anyone else? Why do you want to control personal behaviour?

you are the controlling idiot.

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This isnt about me.

This is about your stinky, lazy, hand-out wanting, bongo banging buddies that think occupying a public park actually acomplishes something other than being a burden on society. They have no clue... they are American... they are the 1%

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Kennedy got away with murder becuase he was American Royality.

He was a philandering dirt bag.

You should have a problem with that.

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"How about you?"

I oppose occutards, Obama's war on the individual, liberalism in general, and the welfare state!

opposing war by occupying a park and banging on bongos... what the fard does that accomplish?

opposing bailouts by occupying a park and baning on bongos? what the fark does that accomplish?

Occutards are given so much when it comes to opportunity, (more so than 99% of the people on this planet) but it's just not enough. Thats right the occutards are really part of the global 1%.

Occutards are not accomplishing anything except proving that the entitlement society is a burden on the civil society.

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Who cares... right now is a time to mourn.

Family first.