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I am constantly amazed at how these leftist can carry on how they are so sympathetic to the needs of the world, and then dance jigs when someone who disagrees with their political idiocy dies. What grand hypocrites these jackasses be!

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The good Baldwin. Thank you Adam "Animal Mother" Baldwin for you kind words about a noble American.

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Bertha Lewis is a walking, talking turd with ears.

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Is there a special farm where the democrats breed these morons?

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The entire left doesn't believe freedom of religion needs to be removed. LOL. THey are idiots, but come on, many of them are church goers too for crying out loud.

Are your post some kind of joke or what?

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The economy and how we're going to dig ourselves out of our massive debt hole we are in.

PS I am a Gingrich fan. Of all the candidates I like him best of all. No close second either. well, maybe Ron Paul, but I think he's gone around the bend.

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See my above, plus if people want to believe in an invisible friend they are more than welcome to. I don't want to hear about it. Keep them separated by an iron curtain. I don't want religion dictating to the government, and I don't want government dictating to religion.

I am all for freedom. Personal freedom. Freedom of the individual. I personally think abortion is a horrid thing, but I have no right to tell someone else that they cannot or should not get one. Personal freedom means making decisions about your life. What is more basic than control over your own body. I don't think anyone has a right to tell someone else what to do.

We'd all be better off if people minded their own damned business for a change.

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Not at all the two should completely ignore each other. They founding fathers knew the dangers of the two becoming entwined. Look at Iran to see what happens when religionist take over.

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Exactly. Keep religion the hell out of politics and keep politics out of religion.

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Anarchist? Sounds like to me that this is the new name for occupy movement?

My quick and easy solution: vicious Police dogs, rubber bullets and pepper spray. Show them first hand just how brutal the police can be.