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This is the last comment I'll ever post on Intense Debate here. With my last post before moving to Disqus, I say...

Star rules!

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Watching Batman Begins right now.

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Goodbye Intense Debate. Goodbye (some) Intense Debate users. See ya all on the Disqus side.

As for everyone else May the Star watch over you.

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His parents got rocketed to the moon when he was a baby and was left to wallow until Muriel found.

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Okay. Gonna have lunch now. See ya when I get back.

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Thanks. :)

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Top 10 Favorite Courage the Cowardly Dog episodes Part 2

7-Robot Randy
This episode's moral touches me in the heart. The titular character of the episode gets berated by his peers because he does things different than what he was supposed to follow. Just because people are different doesn't mean you should hate on them. He loves crafting but he hates following orders. I can relate to the guy. It's good to pursue your own dream rather than being told what to do. You're free to do stuff however you want, don't let them control you for that. Eustace? Yeah, just no.

6-Human Habitrail
Mostly because of the Doc Gerbil song and mostly because the climax has pretty much the highlight of the episode. Courage is being chased by this mad scientist gerbil, while all of a sudden, ambient choir music starts playing in the background, drowning out the sound that is happening. This music is amazing, it felt like Don Bluth walked into the music studio. The choir was phenomenal in that moment. I love it.

5-Everyone Wants to Direct
Don't worry, I'm getting to the good stuff. But this episode was freaky. A zombie filmmaker wanting to bring back his dead friend, and devour Courage's owners. Why is it that the villains go after Courage's owners all the time? But half the time I'm watching this, I feel like I'm watching Evil Dead or Ghostbusters. But this feels so out of place for a kids program. A ZOMBIE RISES FROM THE DEAD AND SCREAMS. For the children. This just shows that cartoons back then got away with this sort of imagery.

4-The Tower of Doctor Zalost
This episode. THIS EPISODE! MY GOD! If you thought Avatar: The Last Airbender had an awesome soundtrack, look no further. What is it with this show and great soundtracks? I love every minute of this episode. I love the main bad guy but then he becomes good, yeah bummer. But this is like a Miazakyi movie, like they took inspiration from Howl's Moving Castle and put it in a cartoon. I don't know what to say about this one. It's freaking awesome.

3-Remembrance of Courage Past
Again, this is just done well. This was the peak of the show, this is where it finally starts going somewhere and it does it just... so well. Courage has his little origin story and it is a sad one, when you think hard enough about why Courage is scared for the rest of the life anyway. But again, Courage shows just how great he can be. He breaks his usual timid behavior and starts realizing his dark past. The ending is kinda silly but heartwarming at the very least.

2-The Mask
I've seen MrEnter talk about this. It sells it. Everything about it, sells it. Courage grows in this episode! And when I say grow I mean really progresses. The mature undertones in this episode is kinda disturbing, but again, this is kids cartoons when they could get away with stuff kids cartoons these days don't do. And a lesbian couple in a kids show. It shows. I'm not turned off by all that, I was too concentrated by how good this episode really is. I was gonna put Mecha Courage or Muted Muriel on this spot, but hey, I can't please anyone.

OH MY GOD! THIS IS COURAGE'S SWAN SONG! RIGHT THERE! Best story! Best message! Best episode ever written! The message is... nobody is perfect, it's impossible to be perfect. That message right there just SHOWS how fucking awesome this show is at conveying a point. And Courage himself, I can feel for him. Somebody tells you to be perfect but you just can't. You're never perfect but that's the thing. You're perfect in your own way. Everyone has flaws but you can be better at that. This is why I love this show. The show ended on such a great moral lesson and such an outstanding ovation.

John R. Dilworth made a show that not only broke the boundaries of kids cartoons, but had heart and effort put into it. You don't see that for many other cartoons. This is one of the best cartoons on Cartoon Network. I wish more shows like Courage can be made. There is just talent in this.


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Top 10 Favorite Courage the Cowardly Dog episodes

Courage is upon one of my top 3 of best Cartoon Network shows that forged my childhood along with Powerpuff Girls and Samurai Jack. Here is a list of episodes I consider great.

10-A Night at the Katz Motel
This is the first episode of Courage the Cowardly Dog and I loved every second of it. Katz is seen as this serial killer who murders his victims with giant spiders. And it establishes Courage in this episode, he's scared, he's very timid and very very shaky. But when the situation becomes extremely dire for him, he's comes out of his shell to rescue his family. Even if at the end he got beaten down by Katz, otherwise it shows how menacing he looks and sounds.

9-The Great Fusilli
No, that soundtrack will never leave my head and it will never leave yours. This episode isn't all that great but it has probably the biggest downer endings in a kids cartoon. Courage's owners, Muriel and Eustace get turned into lifeless puppets, and there isn't a way to change them back. Fusilli was the only villain to ever break Courage down. And by that, I mean at the end, Courage goes crazy and uses the puppets to continue living a serene life. Kinda like Psycho. Fun fact: That was originally going to end the show on. I'm glad they didn't.

8-The Curse of Shirley
Let me come right and say that Eustace is meant to be an asshole and we love to hate assholes. That being said, this is one of those episodes where you could see that Eustace can be dickish but had a soft spot once in his life. I still love hating Eustace but this episode made him at the very least much of a softy. Unfortunately, no character development is ever carried over with Eustace. He will still be an asshole. But a likeable asshole.

(continued in the next post.)

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I want to start doing something new with the new Disqus comment system coming. I wanna talk about my favorite things and tell you in detail what I think of them. I'm not the best conversationalist in the world but I like hearing other people's opinions for good or for bad.

So to start off, I'm gonna listing down Top 10 lists and give a short 3 or 6 sentence summary of why I like it. Or even hate it. I've barely got a lot of things to hate about but it's fun to talk about stuff even if it's meaningless.