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RuslanT is not ethnically Russian...

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Ahmadi is more a cartoon than a devil and even govt people derided him prior to the election.

Very nuanced report not overloaded with politics by an American Iranian read on

In another article by someone else when Khamenei was asked what books he reads he said the "Biography of Beria".

Ahamadi is zero, we should focus on the Iranian society which silently drifted somewhere else as a whole.
Ahmadi and Khamenei may end up in a vacuum and since they are technically unable to kill so many people as Stalin did they are going to lose power and discredit anything revolutionary or islamic on an even much higher speed.

Many clerics know that this exactly kills their islam right now for ever and are or will be forced to oppose this shrinking regime in one way or another. That will add to the tension and create a real deadlock. All of these actors will be marginal including Mousavi in the end.

Watch closely, the whole thing will be as much interesting as the end of the Soviets with many unexpected turns. With much more motivated and interesting people on the ground doing the tough anonymous job.

Note also that Mubarak wrote a congratulation letter to Ahmadi, this Mubarak whom this regime wanted publically to be killed at home. Those rulers are really scared in ME and we should know that.

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Did he get more rich than Arafat or bin Ladin? A nice table of untaxed incomes is missing in the media.

They did it for their kids...not for islam exactly.

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Iraq is an islamic global battlefield. It requires surprizingly little money or other resources (stomach) to keep feeding "bomb blasts". It is quite minimalistic, but note thatit finds always first place importance in the momentaneous news around the world.

I would not be surprized if we find out one day that those blasts have more influence outside Iraq - via media. For ex. any discussion about the end of the "war" in Iraq is more or less cancelled.

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Yes - discipline. Burning the houses of those who do not attend war mongering in the mosque.
Copyright: Monsieur Mohammad. We saw eruption of this kind of discipline in dar-al-Saddam Hussein - in Iraq. Yes - arresting those who did not watch the speeches of Saddam Hussein on TV (informers - your own disciplined kids in the school). Yes - wonderfull discipline and dedication of the raped women blowing themselves etc.

All were very religious, in the West we call it "scared to death" and "brain washed".

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Hesperado, Iran is not a traditional "islam is war" subject and Mousavi will be very marginal soon or start singing a different song. Of course too late.

Many who went to protest during Rafsandjani the "Mongol"´s sermon two weeks ago (using it as a pretext to continue protesting) had to learn fast how to make a namaz from regular believers.

It is turning into a regular comedy: Allahoakbar was a mischief reminding the regime of a coming revolution. It was prohibited by the regime! The dog may start biting its own tail. There are many other signs of the same.

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As the Syrian dissident Sultan correctly noticed - that we are not the "People of the Book" (ahl-kitaab), that we are "People of (many) Books" (ahl-kutoob). Even our tiny New Testament is composed of various books. That was not what she meant we are "People of many books" (generally).

We should feel deeply offended by this miscalculation of "our books".

I propose we call ourselves the "People of the Libraries" to respect us as a whole. And let them address us that way or we start rioting and destroying their properties (if they have some).

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Breaking news: The protests in Teheran today were a huge success. Los islamos were unable to subdue them. Keep following

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Invisible women flying high in the sky might be the solution to this islamic problem...

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It will be easy. I watch closely Germany. Muslims lose slowly but continuously on all levels.
It is like a huge tanker slowly leaving the harbour. Who can stop it after the sea-shore line is crossed?