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This is a further warning to all who believe that the radical Islamicists can be appeased, and that surrender might bring a "moderate, tolerant" Islam. They are brittle and harsh people, so when there's a crisis, it will be solved by violence.

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Heseprado, Graven, thanks for the feedback.

Perhaps one of the biggest problems facing us is the systematic miseducation of our people. We're taught to believe in something called "progress", usually defined in terms of liberal or socialist ideals and values. Ataturk beat up on Sufis, abolished the veil, and talked about being "modern", ergo he was a great guy. But perhaps "modern" doesn't always mean good things for people. The quintessentially "moern" 20th century was also just about the most bloody-minded and vicious one there was--and not counting the things that happen in the fog of war at that.

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Gravenimage: Your post is why I get so sick of people trotting out Turkey as an example of a "liberal", "moderate" Muslim state. Perhaps there was some hope for it in the 1980's, when a Turkish court decreed that Muslims could re-identify as Christians; but with Erdogan and allies in the saddle, it seems to be slipping back to the level of all other Muslim-majority nations.

Further, the absolute worst in Republican Turkey's record happened when the supposed "secularist" Ataturk was busy cleansing the land of as many ethnic Greeks, Armenians, and Assyrians as his forces could find (and the criterion was religion: note that Muslim Armenians or Khemshin and Muslim Pontic Greek-speakers remain in northeastern Turkey).

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It seems that Sarah Palin's use of lethal weapons is dangerous only if you have four legs, antlers, a relatively small brain, and a lot of tasty meat. Ahmadinejad's use of lethal weapons is dangerous to you chiefly if you walk on two legs and were created in the image of God Almighty.

That seems like a pretty big difference to me.

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In classical Muslim culture, Jews had to wear yellow turbans and Christians blue ones. In the new Obamuslim world, non-Muslim Americans will have to wear bull's-eye targets on their glutes.

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I would to God that the blind Dhimmi we have leading us would forget about Ummayad Andaluz, which went under in the 1000's or thereabouts (NOT to the Reconquista and Inquisitition, as our historically challenged Prex would have it) and take a good, hard look at what's happening now.

Then again, my strong suspicion is that the present-day secular Leftist leaders of the Western world won't speak out about persecution of Christians in Egypt and Pakistan because, in their hearts of hearts, they reproach themselves for not having the guts to act on their convictions like their fellow post-Christians of northern Africa and southwestern Asia. And in America, they may fear that if they did act on their convictions, firearms in the hands of Evangelicals would suddenly become dangerous to living things other than deer and ducks in season.

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Naaaa, Mohammed Yusuf wasn't hiding. He was committing a noble act of jihad on the goats who were, after all, kufr.

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toastandmarmalade, Jesus is still man (and God) in one person: The man Jesus Christ is the one mediator between God and man. (I Timothy 2:5).

While I believe that there is such a thing as a just war, I would urge you to consider the following:

We, in our natural, sinful state are just as much haters of God and His truth as those Nigerian murderers. However, God in His infinitely rich mercy has chosen to call us out of the Kingdom of Darkness into that of the Son whom He loves (Colossians 1:13).

Now, it may be that God has so reprobated a lot of the world that it will require an intercivilizational war to destroy the proud Western apostasy and Islam alike. Yet it is my prayer that God will not see such a need in my days, but rather pour out a spirit of grace and repentence on both East and West that we may be healed.

And, I strongly suspect, that one reason why the Muslim states of Nigeria are on such a boil is because Muslims are seeing the light and turning to Christ.

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Fouad Ajami is a case study in how one does not give up a faith unless he finds a better one. Dr. Ajami long ago called for an Arab peace with Israel, and his honesty about Muslim bellicosity in the current "clash of civilizations" remains refreshing in this age of multi-cultie PeeCee mendacity. Further, he has done a very great service in his sympathetically critical accounts of the Arab world.

As for his having Zoroastrian ancestors forcibly converted to Islam, I have some European ancestors forcibly converted to Christianity (and, I assure you, civilization has rested more easily because of it!). I remember as well just a wee bit of subtle bullying of traditionally devout and/or politically conservative students by public school teachers, too (an application of Rousseau's call to compel people to happily conform to the General Will?). While this is nothing compared to the choice Islam left many of its conquered subjects, it goes to show that the temptation to force and persecute is present with us all--including those who loudly claim to be champions of the "free" mind.

My guess is that Dr. Ajami is pining for the lost, multi-confessional Lebanon of his youth and the missed opportunity to make it the general rule over the whole Middle East.

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SOrry, Hugh, but I think Obama was VERY prepared. He believes that the best insurance policy a president-for-life can have is a dumbed-down public responsive to soundbites but unable to ask a penetrating question. Further, he WANTS racial polarization and a radical assault on any area in the legal-law enforcement complex that will not do the bidding of his far left movement.