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Good for you.

Why don't you pretend Rubin is a blonde? Maybe then you could muster up as much outrage towards her as you do Ann. Or imagine she sucks toes or something.

Don't waste your time replying. I won't waste mine on you anymore.

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Great essay but a lousy headline. Anyone with the hubris to call Ann Coulter a coward should be able to come up with a more scathing insult than "ill-equipped" to describe a hack who nobody with two brains cells to rub together would ever mistake for anything close to being in the same universe as a conservative.

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I'm not a conservative. I'm an ex-liberal and what conservatives do not seem to understand is that it's not about liberal vs conservative anymore. It's way past that point.

More than half this country hates this country and everything it stands for. Yes, they do and they proved that on November 6th. Oh, they don't think they do and will get very upset and offended at the mere suggestion they hate America. Sure, the vast majority of them are just stupid, lazy people who have no idea what's going on in the world. But to them abortion means freedom, government grants liberty, and the only Evil they know is Right Wing Christian Conservatism. Oh, and Obama is the first black president.

I'm not going to argue with you. When you have more animosity towards Ann Coulter than you do to Ed Morrissey then there's no point in trying to explain why he is a much bigger problem to conservatism than she is.

What do I know? I'm just an ex-liberal who reveres Mark Levin and Rush and still can't think about Andrew Breitbart without crying. I still can't believe Obama won.

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I'll start my own blog when I can afford it and have the time to actually write. Contrary to what you might think, I have a pretty good idea how hard blogging is. It's easy for me riff on someone else's original essays, it's not that easy to come up with coherent ideas that are actually readable.

Listen, you don't want to defend Dick Morris, fine. I just used him as an example. But why is it that conservatives have no problem vomiting all over themselves to defend scumbags like Juan Williams and other lying, shameless, hate filled liberals because they occasionally state the obvious? It's insane. Rush Limbaugh makes a joke about Sandra Fluke being a slut and a prostitute and every top conservative blogger couldn't wait to throw him under the bus. Michelle Malkin has repeatedly attacked Ann Coulter. Do I even have to detail the terrible things said about Sarah Palin by conservative women?

Just forget it. It's hopeless. Nice guys really do finish last and conservatives are just too decent to do what it will take. I just wish sometimes that conservatives could direct some of the outrage and disdain they have for each other towards the real enemy. That would be liberals.

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So what? Defend him anyway. Until conservatives fight back just as hard as liberals attack there is no hope for this country. Ted Kennedy killed a woman. Robert Byrd was a leader of the KKK. Bill Clinton was credibly accused of rape. Barack Obama supports infanticide. The Democrat Party is full of lowlife scumbags who get rich off the suffering of others and all you care about is that Dick Morris sucked a womans toes?

Oh, right. We don't sink to their level. Right? We're better than them, right? Right. That's why they always win.

How about this? After Obama staged his phony defense of Rice by attacking McCain and Graham, Kelly Ayotte should have held a press conference, ALONE, and attacked Obama and Rice and challenged both of them in the strongest, most strident language she could muster. She should have said how OFFENDED and INSULTED she was by their attacks on HER. Make it personal. Make it ugly. Put THEM on the defensive for once.

Can't do that. That would be rude.

Yeah, right. Dick Morris is a toe sucker. Way to fight back.

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Going after Rove is all well and good but it doesn't address the real problem. The real problem with conservatism today is that it has lost the culture war. The simple fact that Fox News Channel is considered Right Wing, even by most of the conservative intelligentsia, is proof of that. The simple fact that people considered staunch conservatives compare Keith Olbermann with Rush Limbaugh is proof of that. Now that's Keith is gone, it's Bill Maher and Rush Limbaugh. Or Louis CK and Rush Limbaugh. Or Roseanne and Rush Limbaugh. Just name any low life scumbag degenerate waste of human skin and you'll find some conservative pundit or blogger who accepts the narrative that Rush is "just as bad". Bite me.

It's not enough to attack a Karl Rove. They'll always be around because there will always be enough stupid people who will give them money. Keep that in mind. Karl Rove gets paid for his services by Fox News, but he gets millions and millions from people who just give it to him. They give it to him gladly.

Attacking the Republican Establishment does no good if we don't also defend real conservatives and attack anyone who attacks them. Has a single conservative blogger defended Dick Morris? Anywhere? I haven't seen any defense of him. Oh, that Hannity appearance was all over the place. Nice going Sean. We can always count on Sean Hannity to feed the liberal narrative. But he means well, and he's such a decent guy we can't stay mad at him. At least I can't, no matter what dumb thing he says.

Conservatives are fooling themselves if they think it's demographics. It's not. It's hate. The Progressive movement has succeeded in poisoning the culture against anything pro-America. Conservatism means racist. The Constitution means slavery. Republican means racist/sexist/Evil-with-a-captial-E. I don't know a single person who will ever vote for a Republican for any reason at any time and every one of them is white.

Conservatives can't win this culture war if they don't accept the nature of the enemy and none of them are willing to accept it. They're too busy attacking each other to see how they've been surrounded and isolated. A good offense is useless when there is no defense to retain ground won. And that's the problem. Until conservatives recognize that they cannot reason with people who not only want you dead, but they want you to die a slow painful death, they're never going to gain ground. They hate this country and everything it stands for. They hate you. They hate your ancestors. They hate your children. They hate your grandchildren. They hate your dog.

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You do realize you're validating my premise, right? No, I guess you wouldn't realize it. Have a nice day.

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The fact that you're offended proves you're stupid. Stupid people never know they're stupid. Have a nice day.

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My take on this may come across as mentally ill in itself, but here goes. The real problem is that people suck. They just do. The more people you are exposed to, the more you become aware that most people, on average, are just plain stupid. The internet really doesn't have anything to do with it beyond allowing people access to a lot more people than they would normally interact with if computers, the internet, and social media didn't exist. __My opinion that most people suck comes from my experience working retail as a teenager, working as a telephone operator in my early 20's, and my subsequent career in technology where I had to work with many people of all different backgrounds. I'm now 53 and I basically hate stupid people. The internet has nothing to do with it other than the frustration that comes with knowing there are a hell of a lot more of them than even I thought there were. Now, that's enough to cause even the most cheerful person to get depressed.__I plan to delete my Facebook page after the election. Right now I'm having a lot fun posting conservative stuff on it to annoy my stupid liberal "Friends"._

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Sounds like more of the same. Not that that's a good thing, but it's not new. It's not the same thing as the EBS. That's sort of like a backup communications network in place in case the public network goes down. CALEA was basically a response to new technology for government surveillance after the telephone network became computerized. Prior to SS7 and VoIP, tapping a line for a wiretap required onsite equipment. I'm not a hardware person so I was never involved in anything like that. But it had to be done in the house, at the pole, or on that line itself physically. Now, it's just a command typed into a keyboard remotely from anywhere by anyone who has access to the switch.