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I think Christ is more likely to split the Dem. & indie. vote. Will it hurt Rubio, maybe. Won't it be nice when people wake up & quit voting for spineless worms like Christ? Everyone should know by now that the only thing the man believes in isgetting more power for himself!

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Hey Goober, just talked with Andy at Floyd's and he said.......sorry, just loved that show wehn I was a kid. I don't tweet. I live in Phoenix,AZ. Add me to you list.

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Think $400 a barrel oil, bigtime stock market crash, and some tough talk from the comander and thief.

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Just finished talkint with "Terry" of the National Park Service, Washington D.C. I asked him for an offical total for the march on 9-12-09. He told me that the Park Service doesn't give crowd counts, and never has. He went on to say that the people or organization responsible for an event is responsible to give a count. I'm frustrated that nobody in the media is telling the truth. Even Fox said that 10's of thousands attended. Am I the only one bothered by this?

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You have brought up an excellent question and I'm surprised nobody has come forward with any thoughts. I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed but it seems to me the first thing needed would be some kind of control of the "56". That could come by way of the vote, do good and be reelected, do harm and loose your place. People willing to start down this path should be patriots, not politicians. These chosen people would have to be accountable the entire time they are in office. Accessable and accountable The type of person would be the non politician type witch begs the question, how can they get elected? Well, maybe I'm muttering here, just a few thoughts. I'd better get to bed. Good luck with the answer!

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Just spent the better part of an hour reading the aritcle & the posts by others there. The biggovernment site is a good one, with lots of thoughtful people and ideas. When I come here or find a site like the one you linked to, it makes me hopeful about our future. There are millions of honest, thoughtful, decent people in our country who want life, liberty, and to persue happiness just like us. The internet is an amazing thing! I hope it will continue to bring us together to find peaceful solutions. Thanks for that link Kheta.

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I heard him say yesterday that, "since I plan on being President for a while, I want this done right." Seems to be looking at the prospect of being in charge for a while.

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I raised the question earlier today. Why doesn't Fox at least tell people it was ten's of hundred thousands instead of using the MSNBC line of 'tens of thousands'? My hope is that Glenn Beck announces factual numbers on Monday.

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Interesting point. He's transending partisan politics, isin't he?

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Thanks to all who replied. There is a report linked to Drudge, the UKTimes of England, who reported 2 million people in attendence last night. I really thought Fox would do a better job reporting the actual count. Imagine how much wieght would be given to our movement if every newspaper covered the march above the fold, front page, one million+ americans on a Saturday in D.C. That is what should have happened, because that's the TRUTH!