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Why would Congress change it when they are getting a large percentage of the money back through donations? If the donations are small, they can skirt all the laws pertaining to political contributions the same way they did with OBUMMA....thousands of small online donations done by using Visa & MC gift cards! Totally untraceable. The democratic congress is stealing our simulus money right in front of our eyes and nobdy is doing a thing! BECAUSE they are the ones in charge...along with the CZARS that answer to no-one! Somebody needs to bring a suit against our Government with those CZARS...they are unconstitutional because there are no checks/balances with them.

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Been there...DONE That!! Thanks!

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Where ARE the attorneys that can bring suit AGAINST this administration for violating the constitution?? WHERE ARE the Republican congressmen and Senators? Why are they always crying that "this is not the "USA" they grew up in?? THEY need to get off their duffs and DO SOMETHING to salvage our country!! That is what they were elected for!! TO work for us!! The liberals are stealing all the STIMULUS money and the REPUBLICANS are letting them do it!!

The Obumma administration has made a TOTAL mockery of the constitution, the office of POTUS, and our Country! It is time for RIGHT thinking men and women to do the RIGHT thing! I cannot believe the theft of our money right in front of our eyes and NOBODY does anything about it! Is the ENTIRE Congress/Senate corrupt?...or are there a few honest ones left that want to salvage our country instead of SAVAGING it?

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I agree with you 110%!! It was just supposed to be the "common man" representing us. People that have and share the same problems, so that they can do a good job of representing you at our nation's capitol. With the population the size that it is today, there is no reason for ANYONE to serve more than 2 terms. The "baton" should constantly be replaced or handed over to someone that they can do the best they can to represent their district. With a steady flow of individuals through congress you will always get "new ideas" or fresh ideas on how to better run our country! This was the original philosophy and it is what works. It keeps people more honest..because they don't have all of their life to become corrupt on our dime!

I think the only way we can change things is to have a Constitutional Convention, because these dilberts in Washington would never change ANYTHING that would take even a couple of pennies out of their pockets!!

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Another point (or 2) I would like to bring up:

- How is it that all of these elected people go into the Congress or the Senate as regular people and come out Millionaires in such a short time? The corruption of this current government is at an all time high. It is VAST!

- People are elected to represent the group of people that elected them! How many people in congress are listening? Poll after Poll, report after report, People taking to the streets enmasse, (regardless of party affiliation) telling the idiots in Washington, Fe.Ce. exactly how we feel and what we want, yet are ignored.

-Letters after letters after letters, go unanswered, because these idiots, or rather these "BIG LUMPS OF CATTLE SNOT" - who have sworn to uphold the constitution, totally ignore their own constituents.

- The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA grew into the most powerful nation on earth, not because of "looking out for the little guy, or any of that other CRAP, but because of "THE INDIVIDUAL FREEDOMS' granted us by our maker! That is why people have died trying to come to our country. ALL they wanted was the chance to be totally free and make the most out of life, because here in the USA, that was the American Dream.

- One by one these rights are being taken away, as OBUMMA and his cronies say we have to give our extra things (and money) to our neighbors who aren't as fortunate! That is nothing but "PIGEON CRAPPY"!!!

- When you give things to people you remove the incentive for those people to "earn" what they need....and why should they when the Federal Govt will give them what they need ....taking it from someone else's pocket. You see the extremely wealthy people "saying" they believe in an inheritance tax....and why wouldn't they, they already have their money hidden in the vehicles needed to bypass taxes.

There is so much more wrong with the current system and those running it that I could keep typing until I was 200 years old! BUT, I think we here know the problems. We need to get these people OUT OF OFFICE, and the sooner the better, because what they take from you and DON"T give to your "poorer" neighbor, they put in their own pockets!!

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Of course I do. But so far this is a free country and we are allowed to say what we far that is!! If you can give me better evidence for electing a freshman President of the Senior class, I will listen to it.

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Central Florida...Winter Haven area. Formerly from the Central, OH area...2 of my kids live there along with 2 granddaughters. I just feel if something isn't done, there will be no U.S.A. left for them to grow up in.

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Life experience and a career in sales, first having had my own meat distribution company and later being a stock broker/financial advisor gives one the ability to "read" people rather well. Learning to assess a situation before going in to a new supermarket or meat wholesaler became a specialty. Add some common sense to the fray and you will have great intuitive talents!
This is my assessment of ACORN and George Soros. I think ACORN is nothing more than a laundering facility. It is a group of businesses that can accept donations in all the "non-profit" sectors of its organization. This way people like Soros can donate a gabillion dollars to it and thus skirt the "campaign donation limits". The democrats keep sending our federal dollars to it, because they will always get them back in donations. I believe that Soros funded Obama's campaign and that he (Soros) is still calling the shots. The way this happened is quite simple:
- They bought thousands upon thousands of Visa, MasterCard, and AMEX gift cards.
- The army of ACORN "volunteers" then went online and with all the records they had, started making donations to Obama's campaign. This money was not traceable done this way.
-At first I thought they made the names up, but after Glenn did his investigation, I realized they wouldn't need to make names up as donors, they already had a legitimate file of tens of thousands of people via the illicit voter registration they do.
- If you looked at the numbers in terms of the amount of money Obama was raising monthly, averaging $600 million, you would know that there weren't that many people with that much money to give on a monthly basis. I know people; and poor people (where Obama apparently was King of the Fundraisers) are going to eat before they give continuous donations. They might give a small donation once, but not every month for 15 months!!
- If it's one thing I know it's the human element (after dealing with them for more than 30 years) and no matter how much the world changes, the human being will always remain the same. They will always want something for nothing and they will always put food above politics.
The money to ACORN needs to stop. The people in Congress need to be replaced...they don't fear us. They know we are idiots, because we keep re-electing the same people back into office!! I mean, how stupid can people be?
They therefore believe because we keep re-electing them, that this is what we want. We WANT TO BE TAKEN CARE OF!! What other message could they possibly get, when they continuously break the law, but remain in office, term after term?

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I'm in...from Central Florida....I've always thought the only polls they do are in the West Wing...I just can't believe Pres Obumma's favoritism is that high if everybody seems to hate his policies. What's up with that, anyhoo??

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1/2 of that post did not make it in and I imagine that happens to a lot of people....the entire post made sense, but apparently they didn't want it published in here