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Besides the R34 side of the fandom, I think this is where we're separated the most. I see so many mixes of "i fucking hate that thing" all the way to "that's the shit right there". I just wanna say.............cheesecake. ._.

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What I really love about this fandom is what people's imaginations can do. Anything from modding an Xbox enclosure, all the way to making a custom episode. There are infinite things this fandom can do. I wouldn't be surprised if one day a Brony takes a laser and burns an image of Luna on the moon.

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There's a lot of shit I hate in/about this fandom, though I don't really feel like listing any of it. But I RARELY find people that like/hate the exact same things as myself. Honestly, even if I find someone who's completely against something I'm not, I still wanna be friends. I mean, c'mon guys, we're ALL in the same boat. And sure, we can be in different places on this boat, but we're still sharing it. So why not just all get along, and be friends? We don't need any of this "high school drama" that we tend to see as the show progresses. "Ooh, Twilight Sparkle got wings! She's an ugly ass bitch now! Fuck you Hasbro, and everyone else, I'm outta here!" <----That's the kinda shit I'm talking about. I've literally seen people post similar things on dA Journals. Fine, leave, your choice. But leaving just because of THAT? Pathetic..........Ooookay. Rant over, good night! :3

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The amount of outrage I feel due to the degradation of the REAL Rainbow Dash's good name, can not be described with any words from any language. I think that after the mom see's and gets a lot of hype, she'll cry like a bitch, and then change the name. *crosses fingers

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I would change RD's placement in the above image. If you look just to the left of dat azz, you'll see why. And to think, this was supposed to be a kids show. (kid at heart does count)

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The music is so awesome, it broke the page break.

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This is one of the scariest things about this show.

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Wait a sec. You can leave the pony fandom!? I can't imagine.......

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Many people, more than you think, plagiarize everyday. Hell, that's like, half the internet's articles. That's why those laws are in place, so people don't do it, and that's why a lot don't. But if those laws were to become less strict, even more people would start plagiarizing again. And companies would lose a hell of a lot. Some might even lose so much, they wouldn't be able to provide their product/service anymore.

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I understand why Hasbro did this (though, not many people seem to). But sometimes they piss me off to the point where I feel like this fandom has nothing more to offer. But then I browse the pony area's on dA...