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Can we make this a one way trip, sorry penguins but you can keep them!!

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Let us hope this man is wrong and it never comes to this.

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Best illustration I have seen concerning the debt so far!

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awww Good Dog

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DOOOOOO Makeshift Media sticks their foot in their mouth again.

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This tool of a Congressman is just the latest example of how out of touch these "princes" and "princesses" are.

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We often ask the question, would the Founders recognize the America we have today? We all know the answer is no of course. Is there a single public school which still teaches religion or morality? Thank you ACLU and Teachers Union. Instead of religion, morality, and knowledge as the foundation for education we now have condom demonstrations, eco nazism, and anti-family indoctrination. So although most Americans could still count themselves as believing in the five basic principles of religion, the government schools will have no part of it. Instead our despotic rulers insist we embrace the atheism and amorality that led to France's blood bath.

"In vain would that man claim the tribute of patriotism,who should labor to subvert these great pillars of human happiness [religion and morality]." George Washington (p.79)

I had to set this quote aside for those vermin in the ACLU who insist they fight for the Constitution as great patriots.

If religion and morality played the same role as it did in the days of the Founders, I doubt we would be where we are now, in a country where on a daily basis our liberties and way of life are assaulted.

de Tocqueville "America is great because she is good, and if America ever ceases to be good, America will cease to be great." (p.84)

I do not need to even add anything to this quote, just embrace the truth it shines with.

I have to ask if Jefferson and Madison would be pleased with how Islam seems to be favored by our government these days. The cases are plentiful should you doubt this to be the case.

The confusion over seperation between Church and State has to be one of the most evil acts ever thrust upon our country. When the Founders were so explicit in their demands that no branch of the FEDERAL government would deal with matters of religion, I have to ask the following question. How on earth have cases concerning the Ten Commandments ever made it to the Supreme Court? Is there a shortage of copies of the Constitution at our law schools? Are the "wise" professors aqauinted with these fine folks called the Founders?

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Although this chapter in The 5000 Year Leap is quite concise, it's implications are profound. To truly understand the works of the Founding Fathers it is useful to try and see inside their heads.

When you accept the fact that the Constitution is based upon Natural Law, which is in turn God's law, because he is the Supreme Architect of the universe, you really have to wonder what force drives those who are trying to undermine our Constitution today.

John Locke felt that an atheist had failed to apply their divine capacity for reason and observation. Well I'm not going to say that everyone in Washington D.C. is an atheist, but they seem to have the same symptoms. Cap and Trade does not stand up to any reasonable examination. Wanting Gitmo detainees transferred to the United States prison system does not stand up to any reasonable examination. In fact you would be very hard pressed to find anything in our Capitol that seems reasonable.

As desperate as our times are, I have to heed the words of Washington and Madison, and follow their example. Prayer must be a tool in our everyday lives to conquer these forces that we face.

I was struck by the obvious truth of Skousen's point that "In God We Trust" were not merely some words applied as an afterthought by our Founders. God and his laws were the foundation upon which our nation was built, not a system which relied upon men. Of course when we as a nation neglect the foundation and even in some cases deny that it exists, how can we expect the nation to stand? Please keep this in mind at the U.S. Mint the next time you try to design a coin with the words "In God We Trust" hidden on the rim.

The chapter concludes with a story that just hits it out of the park. Alexis de Tocqueville relates a story of a court proceeding where a man who is supposed to testify states that he does not believe in God or the immortal soul of man. The judge refused to hear his testimony, stating that the witness had been destroyed and that such a man could have no credibility. Oh how far we have "progressed". Now we have the vermin from the ACLU trying to banish any trace of God from our courtrooms and politicians who only embrace an over sized bible when the cameras are rolling.

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The Paris of 1919 had the same underlying current of revolutionary sentiments that you can find in Paris today. In 1919 there was a strong leftist pull toward communism which is still present today, just google The Coming Insurrection if you doubt this. Contemporary Paris also has a Muslim population that prevents even the police from travelling in certain neighborhoods, with calls for sharia law. The same low birth rate problems France faced during World War 1 still exist, along with their economic troubles. At the end of the Great War the French resources had been decimated and it was not hard to see why their economy faltered. In modern France socialism has its strangle hold on their ability to thrive. Like many present in our government today, the French bought into the lie that you could limit the work week to 35 hours and magically have health care provided for you while taking guaranteed five week vacations.

Like the politicians of any age personalities and egos often clashed during the Paris Peace talks. What is interesting to me is that while Clemenceau had his own newspaper to attack his opponents and we now have a man in the White House who has a large portion of the media and industry to propagandize for him. I suppose the old Frenchman would be rather envious.

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Thank you very much! Liberty is best protected by a well informed people.