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If anyone is interested in calling BR, just obtain public registration information for the BR domain. ..Address and phone number are part of the public registration info for the registered owner of this website and is available from Whois. Network solutions makes this info available for all who search at their website.

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You're very welcome...My honor......Thanks for your very kind wishes.....Very special Thanksgiving when you can spend time with all of your grandchildren...Grandchildren are certainly something to be very thankful for....I had a great time! I hope you are enjoying the holiday weekend....God bless you and yours.

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You're right Loca...That is the corrupt power base....Dismantling the Fed would be a good place to start...Maybe I'm just an old fashion kinda guy, but if a man takes an oath to defend our Constitution I expect him to honor it. Regardless of the personal cost......I know...Crazy talk in 2011....I have to believe that it wouldn't be so crazy for the Founding generation.

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I just can't accept that any honorable representative who took an oath to defend the Constitution could accept direct violation of the Constitution and be silent in the face of an an Ineligible Prez. Not to mention one with fraudulent SS#, fraudulent selective service registration, sealed passport records, sealed school records and on and on and on...What on earth could be more important than vetting the guy with a finger on the nuke button while he's in the process of transforming America? A lot more damage can be done in the coming year, not to even consider what this country would look like if he were reelected, God forbid.... Sorry, I just can't fathom how any of our representatives can be silent in the face of such overwhelming evidence of criminal activity that allowed a soft Coup d' etat to occur in America.

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Thanks Loca

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Perfectly said Loca...You remove a people's heritage and the people are easy to control into submission. It is up to us to make sure our children and grandchildren are taught the fundamental principles and qualities that made our nation great.

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Thanks Ruth...You too....

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Perfect reply Dot..

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I knew Ronald Reagan.....You're no Ronald Reagan....

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You're very welcome R2BA.....I would be very blessed if someone would pick up this duty for a while. I know there are some great pray-ers on this site and hopefully someone will volunteer to lead us in prayer with their inspired prayers for our nation. I'll be praying but you may not be seeing written prayers here every day for a while.......God Bless......