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SALTY DROID I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have Harlan Kilstein sweatin' blood. I bet those fingers are SMOKIN' across them keyboards. LMAO!!!

Salty can I be your secret gay lova ...I swear I'm not gay but you are doing this shit right!

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There is a trick to bypassing that. Simply click on the link here to go to harlans page and then put your mouse on the X on the top of the firefox or the STOP button in IE and it will stop the blocker from coming up and show the side wikii...quick fingers....from my own Finger Healing methods.

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I would still like to know about Harlan Kilstein and this vinegar colonic you wrote about Harlan D. Kilstein having three times a day. I cannot believe that Dr. Harlan Kilstein would do something like that.

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Oh I've been meaning to ask ..what's this with the vinegar colonics? Is that really something Harlan does? Point me to a link if eh does?

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Does the amount of times people use the word Harlan Kilstein in their comments affect this site's ranking for that keyword phrase "Harlan Kilstein".

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LOL LOL LOL LOL type in Harlan Kilstein lol lol

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Yea coco a lot of the internet fags and bitches are mad about that side wiki lol lol Seriously, I have a few websites up and I welcome comments. Those serve as testimonials, and much like Amazon and Ebay, you can compare how many negative comments there are to how many positive ones. You can also see the loon bags from the normal people. That in of itself is actually a valuable tool for legitimate marketers. Now there won't be any doubt in the prospect's mind about your value, integrity and that you'll do him right. That's a 100% Conversion rate.

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@Les agreed. Ryan from what I know seems like one of the coolest guys in the IM world. I bought his ebook (2 or 3 years ago) about getting copywriting clients, I do think it is an excellent book for someone who doesn't know much about the online world. It also reveals a little about what Ryan's values are, because he does mention that he prays to god if I remember correctly. I'm not saying that prayer to a deity is going to get you bunches of clients, in fact I am atheist, but it shows that some people like to mix honesty and higher spiritual values with copywriting. And that is to be commended. And before any of you conspiracy loonies start saying that I am Ryan, STOP. You've been watching too TV. Bozo out

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I took Dr Phil's 83 point course in Internet psychology and took Whoopie Goldberg's course in boosting your emotional IQ, and I have a PhD in Poultry Science from Riley's chicken shack & waffles, so I think I'm highly qualified when I say that it seems to me that Harlan has some homosexual tendencies.

I went into a gay chat room and sent them to Harlan's youtube to see if their Gaydar would detect anything and the dragqueens told me that their Gaydars went through the roof at the mere sight of Harlan's man boobs and his zeta-male skills. Sadly, NONE of them felt any attraction to Harlan. They said they'd rather go boppin' for apples in an open sewer. They did however offer to send him to the Vet.

He seems to talk to Salty more than he does his own wife. And he seems to spend time here with Salty more than he does eating or sleeping. Well...I'm sure he's got a fridge right next to the computer, so that he won't pass out with hunger.

Harlan, you've been on this site for days nonstop, get up and take a shower..once in a while.

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Looks like someone took Harlan's fake profile of Karin down It says page cannot be found