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That being said - I totally respect the fact that people have been seriously injurred by this insufferable Turd Bag and they need a place to vent. I am glad the Droid provides an uncensored environment for that and it is not my place to tell fellow commentators what they should and should not say - it is just my opinion that the fight against Harlan goes better if we use a little caution and prudence. He is an easy target - no need to go after squirrels when this fat little piggy is staring us right in the face.

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I hear what you're saying Fraggle - it is available out there. It's just that posting it here on the Droid's site makes it look like this little group of Harlan Haters is willing to hassle innocent people, and that can't be a good idea.

The problem with Not-Doctor Creepo is that he is so monumentally evil - if you cross him in even the slightest way, he sets out to destroy your life. He will stoop to every imaginable low to drag down innocent people into his cesspit of vileness. The result is you get some very upset people who are very understandably angry and want to take action. The best thing those people can do is share their story about Harlan himself, that is the way to get the truth out there and destroy him. Harrassing his family might seem easy, at least, but not only is it morally wrong (they are innocent - the innocent should not be made to suffer) it has absolutely no impact on Harlan. That man has no empathy at all - he does not love his family, he does not care about them. So all it does is divert important energy away from the actual problem here, which is Not-Doctor Dumpy Pants.

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And for god's sake, leave his son alone - he already has the ultimate curse of being the son of not-doctor craperstein. (altho the point that the son of the man who holds all seven secrets to seven figures has to ask for a lift and a roommate is a fair point)

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Whoa there little doggies!!! No one detests Not-Doctor CHarlatan Shitstein more than I, but only bad guys call family members and taunt them. NO FAMILY MEMBERS - NO KIDS, NO PARENTS, NO WIVES, NO EXCEPTIONS - come on guys, take the high road. This blog is for good guys - calling someone's mom is just what Harlan would do.

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Hi Perry - Welcome!

In answer to your thought provoking question as to what value comes from the Droid's work, and who he is helping, allow me to share my humble opinion.

Value - the Droid is hilarious, and laughter has much inherent value (especially laughing at evil - it makes it less powerful). Helping - people like me, random office schlubs who have something to chortle over as they sip their morning coffee. (See also - different set of bad guys, but every bit as entertaining)

It's just a joke guy, although I can see why you might not think it's that funny. But heck, if a few scheming schmucktards (who think apologizing for making "claims that were way over the top" somehow equates to apologizing for blatantly lying to the sick and poor by fabricating doctors and results and thereby increasing suffering of said sick and poor), go down in Keystone-esque fashion the midst of all the hilarity, well then, bring on the popcorn. This is one hell of a good show!!

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Oh, that is just too too adorable! Look how cute - they are trying to be scary. Its nice to know that Perry's friends are every bit as charming and warm hearted and The Big Blubber himself. The threat of Perry as a rapist, however, is not that intimidating - just throw a hostess twinkie at him to distract him and walk away at a moderately fast pace. Pudgy will never be able to catch up.

But it is a touching love story - unrequited love. Part of me hopes, for the sake of Perry's man crush, that all of his romantic and erotic dreams about the Droid come true.

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Oh. My. God. Nauseating. No wonder everyone hates lawyers - we are total fucking cads. Thanks, Paul Trahan, for dragging our profession down a few more rungs. From now on when people ask, I am just going to tell them I am a cashier at Walgreens - at least that is an honest and respectable profession.

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hmmmm, seems like maria andros and the other superheros of Fail should enlist froylein's services in writing, rather than throwing five figures at the Ninja King of Copy (isn't Ninja King a hereditary position anyway?). Although if Not-Doctor creepazoid charges major $$$ for error inflected crap, i'm not sure even these Superstars pulling in "millions" (no, really, millions - they said so with their own mouths) could afford someone who actually has a firm grasp on the intricacies of the English language.

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Very plausible (and hee-larious). Well, I'm sure the Droid will take the high road and toss Perry and/or his fellow lampreys a dime.

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Ya, if only the Droid were clever enough to sell worthless crap by blatantly lying to those who are overly trusting. Sigh, oh well, at least he is clever enough to make me laugh.

Why do you want his last name so bad? If Perry is making millions, I can't imagine that he really cares at all about some asteroid asshole... oh, wait, I forgot: the Droid is driving him crazy. Guess $$$ doesn't buy peace of mind (or, maybe it would if he actually was making millions, which he is not because no one as ethical as Perry would so blatantly violate the terms of his parole).

Well, I do hope you figure out who this charming little humor-tarian is, so you can, uhm, so you can... well, what exactly is the brilliant plan? Call his mommy?