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"The owner of this site would like to encourage you to please leave your comments in the comments section of this site and not in sidewiki.

A sidewiki blocker has been installed on this site in a effort to avoid misuse of this new technology.

Any comments you leave within the sidewiki will only be viewable to you, and not to others who are visiting this address, and you will not be able to delete them later.

Overall web browsing safety is a priority for us and for our visitors.

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After carefully evaluating each comment, I gave my blessing on each for its accuracy and usefulness.

And I fear for the amount of ass-whooping he's going to receive from the FTC if they find his blogs- I mean salespages- I mean pap smears- before he makes them compliant with the new regulations that went live this week.

Good luck Harlan. What's fair is fair though. And by owning all those awesome products- I mean frauducts- I mean diaper splatters- you'll have no problem being a dropshipper/wholesaler online and making money on your own. Chin up buttercup.

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Access to Stompernet's cast of characters was invaluable before they dispersed this year. Anyone who didn't take advantage of the live events, faculty hour calls, or one-on-one messaging with them has only themselves to blame.

Where they end up is anyone's guess as it seems their focus is more on becoming a "Worldwide Brands 2.0" now (my personal opinion). But seriously, don't knock the old-school Stompers. That era will likely have been the best peer group and personal success story of my early business life.

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Play him off keyboard cat. And play on . . .

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Wow, these new buzz words certainly made for some interesting Google searches.

Had kidnapping, arson, threats, attempted suicides... I'm not sure if I'm still researching Kilstein or screenwriting next season's Law and Order: SVU.

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I think it's pretty irrelevant either way, honestly. It's just one of those highly ineffective spam-follow/auto-tweet things that exists just because it can. It's not really an indicator of integrity (or the lack thereof).

Just part of the "game", and the game is massive. The person behind it might not even know those are their accounts unless they can be identified by the cookies. And again, who cares. It's very common.

I'm just half-smiling from the irony and leaving it at that, because it *is* a classic definition.

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They would have an affiliate cookie either way. One of the rules of self-promotion is to not make it look like self-promotion.

....though, I've never seen them teach that one.

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Having a physical button to push isn't the important part, it's the action of pushing a button! I encourage you to try it for a little longer, at least until you're an hour or so beyond the return policy of unlimited years.

Thanks!! ;)

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"the latest scam called CPA"?

CPA is (in my opinion) the best possible affiliate commission you can earn. The best CPAs you don't even need to convert a sale, you just need to generate a lead and that's a piece of cake. Sure the "flogs" are in danger and even being investigated by the FTC right now, but what does that have to do with CPA offers? That has to do with an underhanded (and age old) tactic that has just recently gained too much ground too quickly due to cheap and effective social media advertising.

On the flip side, I don't care who your mentor is, not everyone is qualified to build a business online. Not everyone is qualified to be white hat. If he's looking to sincerely walk people through this with the use of "7 insider secrets", this could be the biggest failure yet. There are no secrets. I created my own info-mock-up to illustrate this point.

I'd go on but I have a real online business to tend to. :)

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Between the "7s" and the "business strategy" I felt this movie clip is dually applicable: