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Oh my ......speaking about storyscaping...does the fabric of space time need to be washed....


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I just realized what happened to my sidewiki comment. It's "fixed" now....I won't say what happened as I don't want to give any extra knowledge to the incorrect people that are reading here. I can't allow them to sidestep the sidewiki

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I will piggyback on Salty dudes post....

Thanks for all the feedback guys....I just want to take this time to thank my publicist (thanks SD) ....and all my fans, who took the time to view my work.....it's nice to know I have a celery like following...it was hella special creating it for y'all (except for the fact that I had to listen to it over and over and over and over again...but they are working on deprogramming me). However, I still have this overwhelming urge to ReTweet any (and all) self-aggrandizing tweets about myself (sent to me by others), blow my own horn, and just talk about myself ad nauseam (but seriously who can blame me....I'm a rockstar!!!...with a celery like following)....I have this uncontrollable urge to go out and buy me a channel purse....back soon.....

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Yeah...but...but.....even if you buy them you don't really pay anything for their course....Listen, you may pay them $2K + for their program but they throw in $30K + to boneuses.....that's a net prophet of like 6 Million dollars!!!

Okay lets do the math.....so you buy a program for $2.5K you get $30K in bonuses that's a net prophet of $6M. I'm a brilliant mathematician and extrapolestition (two more times and it becomes a real word). So I bought 10 courses and ended up with a net profit of $200 trillion.....mama din't raize no foos....I wasn't borned tomorrow!....

The money is in the extra and they know how to boneus the people.

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Yeah....she's a has been, that never was.....did you see her new tweets...talk about desperation.

"love is the only answer let go of your ego, your defenses and allow the right people into your life to love you..." - Maria Andros

Translation: just trust me, and give me your money already dam it!

Strong psychological terms, one doesn't even have to be a strong at reading in between lines, to hear the desperation behind that tweet.

"working on a exciting new vision that will impact many lives in a positive way... stay tuned and thankyou to everyone that follows me " - Maria Andros

Translation: I'm working on something new to separate you from your money.

Then she realized that she didn't know what she was working on....so she sent out a survey monkey survey to figure out how she can get money from her 32.5 followers.

Oh well, what can you do.....


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hahaha...good song...haven't heard that one in ages.

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My mistake.....it was a nasdaq company (the OTC fiasco is something else...for another board).....and it was

"signed or authorized the signing of false and misleading registration statement"

It was a class action suit against the directors of the company. The guy lives on a $2.5 million dollar estate in Encinitas. Nice place actually.

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I traced that jet (based on its tail registration) to a company owned by an orange county couple (the husband was being sued for insider trading of an OTC stock). So I am not sure Sylver even owns that jet (perhaps he is in partnership with the owner, or it is a charter jet). I follow its flight, sometimes it coincides with sylvers tweets and sometimes it doesn't....shrug....but it always goes back to the orange county airport, and sylver is in NV....so who knows...

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Now that's impressive that Salty dude ranks higher then kilstein (and speaks to something else), and I would go further into detail why, but I don't want to "teach" the fraudsters how they can strengthen their "standing" in google by a simple technique, which nobody apparently teaches, and probably very few even utilize or know.

Not even the mighty imbeciliac Maria Andros teaches this technique (her bag of antiquated tricks date back to 2004), and she doesn't utilize or teach the newer "tactics" used today (nothing like living in the past). I guess the mighty Kargorilla's bag hasn't been updated in a long time, and she has been overly busy committing advertising fraud to learn (and backing up her X5 (?is she a soccer mom?) on other people's estates to shoot a video...that was hilarious)

One has to wonder what kind of a Mormon "operates" from the USA , to engage in blatantly overt deceptive advertising practices, at a time when the FTC has decided to go full bore against deceptive advertising. In 8 months this guy (Oliver Turnip), got 6 views (or was it 8) from a video embedded in his blog, a blog that hasn't been updated since April, and in his testiMOANial he claims to get 300-400 visitors, and $5-10K per day through traffic driven from twitter alone.....hahaha....she might as well just send a nice note to the FTC and say, "here's my address, please come and serve me as soon as possible". Maybe she feels the mentally challenged are immune from prosecution.

Interesting article for a guy making $5-10K per day on twitter.



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Speaking about keyword phrases, you make a good point (in a kind of indirect way). Some of these fraudsters use obscure highly "specialized" longtail keyword phrases and "trademark" terms to show how they are experts and can rank on page 1.

What their "students" don't understand, is that (in essence) these experts show you how to open up a lemonade stand in the middle of the sahara. You may have no competition and dominate the area, but it's because nobody's coming by for lemonade. Nobody knows google's algorithm (so everything is a guess, and nobody really knows the number of things which could make ranking worse), so individuals can rank high consistently, it's a crap shoot, which is why even SEO claimants can't guarantee you anything, or they use low traffic BS words, which get no (or not significant searches) and drive little to no business, but will rank high, and impress clients, and "students".