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This conversation seems to have already ended, but I just wanted to add in my two cents. The only main flaw I find with Brotherhood's view of Miles scene is the exclusion of Miles calling Ed out and expressing how tired he was explaining things to people.

For me, that was a pivotal moment in the manga that wrapped up the problems with how Amestris sees Ishvallans and it also makes for good commentary on how society views POCs.

On one side we have the way Miles is used to being treated. He comments on how he's used to being looked at with pity. People just see his Ishvallan heritage and automatically assume that he is in a horrible position due to being an Ishvallan in the military and think of him as some poor brave soul who must have endured so much. The pity that they feel for Miles causes them to walk on eggshells around him due to feeling guilt for what their country has done to his people.

Now we have the inclusion of the other side via Ed, who tries to even the playing field by spouting off what Ishvallans have done to him personally and tries to make it equal to what an entire country has done to his people. Ed's attitude is almost close to how people view Scar and possibly other Ishvallans, believing that they have just as much to blame for the war as Amstris. Ed's reaction to Mile's "test" also comes off as sort of a knee-jerk one, which could be the narrative hinting towards color-blind defenses being a knee-jerk reaction to a privileged person dealing with the oppression of another group.

Either way Miles expresses is annoyance with both reactions and expresses how, although the reactions are very much the opposite of each other, they are both wrong because neither side is really acknowledging the wrong their country has done towards this oppressed group simply because they don't want the guilt that comes with it.

I just really wish that the scene was kept the way it was in the manga because there was so much to take from it and it's a very realistic way of looking at a POC's perspective of how our own society treats oppression throughout history. I personally took a lot from both Mile's and Scar's stories and just yea I love both of them so much!

(and I really do wish I could find that full meta again, I remember reblogging it because it REALLY WAS a great take on this scene and just yea that really sucks)