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Eeeeeeee!!! I'm stoked to get to rewatch this series with Mark's commentary. I know it's hardly the favorite series of many fans, though I've never understood why. I'm wondering if it's because the tenor is so different than the other series, or if I'll pick up on something I missed in my original watch.

I haven't had time to rewatch this episode yet, so I'll refrain from commenting on specifics, but I'm glad Mark likes T'Pol already. She's one of my faves :)

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Thanks for posting this... I've been dying to know how to pronounce things.

Out of curiosity, is there a regional aspect to some of these pronunciations? I've previously been told "Tuatha" was "TOOTH-ah" and "sidhe" was "shee" and I'm curious if those are wrong or just different.

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The main reason that wizards are more powerful the younger they are is precisely because of this impulsivity/lack of foresight. As they get older and learn to think about the consequences and believe that certain things might be impossible... their power diminishes and it becomes self fulfilling. Dairine is a couple years younger than TPTB typically call wizards, but it's precisely because she would be impulsive enough to jump across the galaxy without planning, but be smart enough to put a plan together and act on it once she got there. Smart kids are intellectually above their age, but emotionally they are still close to their peers. Dairine if no exception. :)

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Since you don't know who your biological father is, it's not part of your identity - rather, the fact that you were conceived by (anonymous) sperm donation is.

Conversely, the fact that I was born on December 4th, 1987 at the now-defunct Genesee Hospital at 3:31pm via C-section... Very much a part of my identity and understanding of myself

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The name thing is a standard science fiction trope, hence why a lot of "aliens" in sci fi refer to our species as Terrans.

Though I'm not sure how that ends up sounding different through a translator, since Terra is Latin for earth/land...

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I also think that this also negates the choice aspect inherent in the Ordeal. Not all who are Called to wizardry will make the right choices when faced with the LP... not just tactically, but morally as well. Some of the kids who die on Ordeal may not do so for lack of experience/preparation, but because the LP swayed them to Its side long enough to rid Itself of one more wizardly nuisance. :-/

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Seriously, it's been a depressingly long two and a half weeks since the move to the internet-less hell realm that my new apartment got shunted into...

REALLY glad to be back, as it means I can start chipping away at the massive backlog of MDS vids in between bouts of frantic unpacking and organizing.

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Please don't use the word "crazy" on these sites.

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Presumably, the Vidiian has no concept of what makes humans/Klingons attracted to other species. Maybe he legit thought Durst was cuter.

Also, Tom Paris even VOLUNTEERED to be face-swapped, and they chose Durst, so really... Eye of the beholder, I guess?