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Hey DMT, did I know you? LOL... nah, I was probably just with another bunch of stupid teens. It is very unfortunate that, as mousette put it, we all think we're immortal at that age. Hopefully these teens and others by their example learn this is NOT a good idea.

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That second goal last night was awesome to watch! Go Sounders!

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If the paramedics felt the conditions were well enough for a sick man to walk out to them, they were well enough for HEALTH paramedics to walk in and get him.

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Holycow! That's the guy I want answering the phone if I have to call 911!

Way to go, Chris! I'm very glad you were able to stay calm and help save your baby.

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Thank you Phil for allowing us a glimpse into your life and the difficulties of your job. Rest in peace and good luck to your family.

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The shock is not that he had health problems because of his life style but that he died after seeming to do better.

Plus like Slimjim said, have a little compassion!

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LMAO... 70% male consumers. How do you like those numbers, Baby Daddy?

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I understand your fustration and I am not 100% sure about this because I have not actually looked into the whole process myself but I believe part of the reason why there are more adoptions of children from outside of this country is because it is easier to do. There are less rules. For example, a single friend of mine was not able to adopt a US born child, simply because of the fact that she was single, but she was able to adopt a child from another country. I think the rules in the US need to be re-evaluated to see if they are truely in the best interest of the children. Given the horrible situations children are naturally born into in this country, I don't see why a child cannot be adopted into a loving family that does not fit the old standard of one mother and one father be a requirement.

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Interesting that they are only pulling the 2D version and not the "money making" 3D version. It seems like now they are going to make even more money on it because they have limited the availablity AND drawn more attention to it by trying to ban it.

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Ok, I know I'm going to sound like a bleeding heart here, but what are they going to do with all of those snakes? Yeah, I agree the guy shouldn't have had them but that is not the fault of the snakes. Now since snakes are one of those creatures that very few people want to have as a pet (myself included!), are they going to be killing them? It's not like they are cute little puppies at the puppy mill that homes can be found for. I hope they are sent to a zoo or something.