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Ray, you have no clue how insane this stuff sounds. You are barking mad.

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"[...]where was God? I thought God cared about the little children, God protected the little children[...]"

Who asked this? Who would ask this? Who would, specifically, ask Bryan Fischer this? Nobody. Fischer wants his followers to think that he has some answers. The level of contempt that these types have for even their own followers is off the charts.

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Yes, that was vile and despicable.

Anything else?

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Back in the late 80s when Seranno produced that famous Piss christ, there were many religiously active christians who interpreted it in such a way that they considered it to be a positive message for Christianity.

i. e. Perhaps Seranno was depicting the way that Christ was treated when he was alive, or noting that the crucifix was a cheap, plastic, ugly little item that hardly could represent a deep religious message, maybe Seranno was reacting against that.

So perhaps Glenn Beck is really a very deep thinker and we should be willing to hear out the nuances, deep analysis, interconnectedness, and profundity that Beck's artwork truly represents. Or would it suffice to say that Glenn Beck is just an asshole?

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Unless it was made by God -- picked from the fried chicken tree.

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Sticks!? Sticks, you say!!!


Everyone knows the correct child-beating tool is a 1/8" plumbing supply line.

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This is exactly the type of thing one would find in neo-Nazi propaganda to justify the madness of the Third Reich.

Clearly we have seen that there is no bottom of the barrel of vile hateful things that people say. Nazis, KKK, Vox Day, Islamic Taliban, and Ray Comfort fits right in there with these hate-obsessed lunatics.

To those who follow Comfort and LW -- can you live with yourselves? Seriously.

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Ray and Ray=bots, please take note. What Milocat has done here is take Ray's pathetic attempt at an analogy and adjusted the parameters on half of the analogy in order to turn it into a perfectly accurate analogy.

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There are at least two things that those who are entrenched in a dogmatic authoritarian structure simply cannot comprehend. One is irony and the other is analogy.

The comprehension of these two things are a threat to the subject who is determined to stay in a fantasy world.

The main thing that a dogmatist who wishes to remain so would want to pray for is ignorance. For it is ignorance that is the founding principle that perpetuates the sham.

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There once was a man from Peru,
Who sailed away in a canoe,
He thought about Venus,
And played with his penis,
And wound up with a hand-full of goo.