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If these injustices are so upsetting to your deity, it would be reasonable for him to intervene to stop them; according to your mythos, he has the capacity to do so, yet he does not. Your attempts to justify this failure (which is best explained not by your deity's callousness but his non-existence) are entirely unconvincing to anyone with a half decent brain.

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You have really pushed the boat out into the fastest currents of the River Stupid on this one.

It's not that there is anything remotely new in this latest of your rare posts on evolution, but the exectution is noteworthy for its utter lack of logical argument, appalling metaphor (an eyelid is like an eyelid?), the repetition of things you already know to be factually incorrect, and the exploitation of someone else's tragedy.


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Classy, Ray.

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Given your history of playing extrely loose with it, I'm surprised you feel in a position to comment on copyright issues.

It's typical of your simplistic reasoning that you believe that a nose, mouth and two eyes are the sum total variable in determining distinctiveness in faces, as though we were just Mrs & Mrs Potato-heads.

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It's been a while since the British have inspired such fear in Americans. Speaking of which, it's a bit rich of Ray to call naturalised American Hitch a Brit in the same breath as referring to 'our nation' when, by his own logic, Ray's nation is New Zealand.

But then logic was never his strong suite.

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If you have a fundie, look closely into his eyes, say a few words like “arboreal” or “speciation,” and watch him fail to process the information. Then ask yourself how evolution could make his eyes, his brain, and give him the ability to understand English words. Then think of the billions of fundie brains and eyes that have been made since Mitochondrial Adam. Consider the various different kinds of creationists like YEC Christian, Hindu, Jewish, and Islamic, each with eyes and brains, with their own thoughts and instincts on how to ignore science whenever it conflicts with their religious worldview. Then meditate on how unspeakably inefficient our schooling must be to produce such dolts. May you and I then shudder as we consider how these people unduly influence the lives of the less credulous. May we pity them and dedicate ourselves to providing them with a decent level of basic science education.

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Invest in a mirror.

And a spell/grammar checker.

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I have faith the sun will come up tomorrow. I have faith the world will not end on the 21st of December. I have faith my wife loves me. I have faith that Ray Comfort will tell lies aboout evolution.

I have faith in these things because I have overwhelming credible evidence to support those beliefs that make it reasonable to hold those opinions.

I do not have faith in a postulated supernatural being for which I have absolutely no credible evidence.

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Ray, why not get someone with an actual clue to explain to you what a viral marketing actually is, m'kay?