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Not necessarily. It's an emulsion, like milk, or mayo, or moisturizer, or butter. It's dispersed throughout the coffee. That said, Aku's coffee does indeed have a film of oil on top - however, his is quite a bit stronger than what most people drink, so that's not surprising.

Take a look at dark roasted beans some time. Those suckers are covered in oil.

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Aku has a tendency to eat fixed meals, or from a list of fixed meals - more from preference than any other reason. It wasn't hard to calculate what was in that (based on ingredients) and then manipulate it up or down depending on whether he wants to gain or lose weight.

100 should be seen more as a guideline - you could add more cooking oil one day and go over, or under, or whatever, y'know? And it's not like agricultural products are all uniform in size. An apple isn't always identical to an apple.

Aku's friends are a bit more flexible and use a macro calculator app on their phones to do the same thing.

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Ugh, Aku can't find it now, but last year there was a whole flood of articles about how it wasn't totally calorie free, and depending on the strength you were ingesting more than you thought - black.

200 is definitely off though, Aku was thinking of the caffeine content in strong coffee - which is a different thing.

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Aku as well, one in the morning and that's it.

Aku's cut this year was 25lbs, dropping 100 calories out of his diet every week. That was surprisingly easy to stick to, if slow at first. Definitely recommended over macros or diet plans or whatever.

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Yep. The flavour and body of coffee come from oils extracted from the bean/seed. The stronger the coffee, the more oil you've extracted - and the more calories.

A small cup of crappy Tim's (IIRC) is about 50 calories - which gives you an idea of how weak it is. Strong coffee of the same size maxes out at about 200 or so. Where your cup of joe falls on that spectrum depends on how you make it and its strength.

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Depends on how strong the coffee is. Strong coffee (8oz) is about 200 calories, so if you're drinking a few cups, it adds up.

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This is very true. Aku has found that one of the big papers in his city reliably recommends awful (to Aku) choices, so he routinely reads it to find out what not to buy. This is the closest Aku has come to a good reviewer.

There's no try before you buy option at your stores, huh? Because it's a life saver here. A delicious, delicious, life saver.

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That's because it's entirely subjective.

I've loved stuff the reviewers hated, and vice versa. I think decent/accurate is really a matter of finding a reviewer who has the same tastes as you do. Maybe google reviews of ones you already know you like and look at what reviewers who liked those recommend.

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So in the end, were you able to refund their tickets to the gun show?

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........does Aku want to know what that is?