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G'day Jeff,

Thanks mate and I and all the Agmates regulars are aware of that.

Rather than go into a full Global warming debate with Peter, i just wanted to speak on the level that even if he and the CSIRO are correct how does using the main thrust of cutting Australia's Greenhouse gase emissions prevent another black Saturday if the they don't deal with the practical things that can prevent it -

Commonsense practical things like preventing the build up of combustible material in our forest and having adequate firebreaks in and around state forests.

Blaming Global warming is sparing at windmills at best. I'd expect that from the national secretary of the firefighters Union - practical solutions.

Leave the hot air to the politicians and air head academics like Clive hamilton.

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G'day Peter,

Mate thank you for sharing that with the Agmates community. Your assumption that halving Australia's greenhouse gas emissions is the number one priority in preventing future bushfire disasters is curious.

Lets say we did that. Australia accounts for 1.3% of global emissions, so the net result would be a global reduction of 0.65% of global emissions.

Even if what the CSIRO is says about the increase of the prevalence of bushfires is correct, will cutting our global emissions by 0.65% change this? The answer is an obvious no. That is of course unless your suggesting that CO2 is localized and we can lower the concentrations just over Australia. No you would not be suggesting that.

It is curious that you as the National Secretary of the firefighters union would be going down this global warming CO2 track?

As has been discussed at length here and on other posts by Agmates members from all over Australia, I would have thought that you of all people would have been looking at practical measures, like maintained firebreaks and controlled burns to manage the situation instead of chasing the CO2 windmills.

Curious indeed. and very disheartening for the millions of australians that are hoping that the appropriate steps will be taken to manage our environment to the extent that this never happens again.

I'm also curious as to why you would not be looking to the Western Australian experience. they have managed forest fuel loads by controlled burns since 1956. In that 53 year period they have not lost 1 person to bushfires. does not that tell you something?

Cheers - Agmates founder Steve Truman.

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Thanks mate - good to hear,

Hey guys just be warned over the course of the next few hours we will be switching off 'killing intense debate and installing a program called JS-Kit.

So if weird things happen while your at it you'll know why.

This thing is awesome (if it works)

You can edit your text, Bold, Italic, quotes, just like a word document, a button that inserts links, and wait for it ... you can even upload up to 5 photos with your comments and install a Youtube video.

Naah only kidding ..... that would be a dream come true.

Cheers Steve

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G'day JeffBBrrrrrr,

Hope your not reporting in from there. :)

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G'day Jeff,

great news - we are dumping intense debate today.

Have found something 1,000 times better - (and it works) will be done today - I'll post an article shortly.

I'm so happy.

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G'day Michael,

By all means try and sort it out for all those poor souls who are having exactly the same problems that we have experienced - but don't worry about us. I'm removing intense debate fro the Agmates blog today.

I've broken my cardinal run which is if we use a software program and it does not work like the developers say it will and we then get poor or virtually no tech support we get rid it.

That has been the case with intense debate and I've finally come to my senses.

A most unsatisfactory experience.

Cheers - your Agmate - Steve

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G'day Jeff,

Great link mate - I'll use it in tomorrows forum.

Cheers - Steve

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Hey Scott,

You'll be interestedvto know that I just tried to post that comment and it just sat there spinning the little arrows and thinking, after a couple of minutes I closed the page went back to the email and clicked through and posted again

This time no problem. This really is a terrible piece of software. Our community fortunatly thinks its just a huge joke how bad it is.

But we've had enough. Worse of all is being ignore by the ID tech guys.

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G'day Scott,

The links work sometimes either way on Agmates too. But here is a laugh i just left a comment for Michael on his ID blog. posted a link with http: - clicked on it 4 times and it worked - the 5th time it mangled the link and got a 404 error on the site linked to.

I've had it, am going to dump it.

Just a question - what do you know about the JS-Kit system?

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We have had intense debate installed now for over 4 weeks and its been nothing but a nightmare. Incredible amount of bugs - mangles inserted links, restricts characters submitted, just plain won't accept some readers comments, the sign up process is incredibly difficult. But worst of all is the support or should I say the lack of it. 12 days ago emailed support after posting on their help forum for a week and the only response back was other bloggers with the same problems and no support. Finally got an email 5 days later from tech support Michael Koenig apologizing for the delay and promising to take action - now 7 days later still heard nothing. I'm not persisting anymore - all I can say is if that is the best they can do they will go broke and deserve too. Satisfaction rating out of 10 is a very unhappy 0.