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Can you see the implications of this if it passes peer review?
It could mean that the water buy back for the MDB is a con.
Puts another nail in the coffin of "Climate Change"

Bet it gets pulled!

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Hi Steve,
I've mentioned it somewhere else, but worth repeating again about the S.E. Australian Droughts for at least over the last 120 years.
From a study by the UNSW:

Which points to the Indian Ocean Dipole currents as the reason for Australian droughts, as there has been difficulty in correlating these events with the El Nino / La Nina events.
See the original release notes, click on the links at the bottom.

The variations in the I.O.D. currents also correspond changes in the monsoons in India and surrounds which have caused havoc with agricultural production.
The I.O.D. was discovered originally in 1999 and has been studied since.

Wat? No Globull Warming?

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G'day ACharlie,
It's a pity the parents of these green people didn't believe in the "precautionary principle" before their conception. Follow the principles of Maurice Strong, Paul Ehrlich and even the new science advisor to the Whitehouse John P. Holdren, by doing their part in keeping the population down.

After all, the "precautionary principle" is what gets crammed down our throats about Climate Change. - ' you've got to downgrade your life to save the planet - NOW, you can't wait to see if it's true.'

Sorry if I sound sarcastic, I'm feeling a bit "pithy" about gangreen.

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Hi Steve,
Actually I was looking at a live webcam from that base, and I thought it would be a good idea to post the temps and wind chill.

I could think of a few that could be sent down there, just to get 'em into perspective.

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Just for those with Global Warming leanings:
Current Weather Amundsen-Scott Base US Antarctic - South Pole
04:50:00 GMT
-43.6°C -46.5°F
-59.8°C -75.6°F
And it's still summer!!
Would be a good destination for those that believe the poles are melting.

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Michael Koenig,
Something I have observed is if I have posted a url in a post, if I go back to edit the text of the post (typo, spelling mistake), it modifies the url. If I then replace the damaged url with the original and post it, it works OK.
Placing a long url in a post usually doesn't work and can result in it being deleted.

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Now we have seen the Independents roll over for Rudd and Swan's $42bn "stimulus" package, just have a look at what the French are doing with their version of a stimulus package:

Column - You aren’t alone in thinking this will fail
Andrew Bolt - Herald Sun
<a href="" target="_blank">

And the comments below echo what has been said here on the effectiveness of this "handout".

When it all fails and an election is coming up with a broken treasury piggy bank, possibly the reason offered for the failure, will be "It's the oppositions fault" or Climate Change"

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Yeah ACharlie,
Does look like their more interested in changing building codes and setting up the escape routes than prevention, back burning and tree clearing.(from the news tonight)
Round table conferences in various centres, doesn't sound like it will have the availability of experts such as David Packham in attendance.

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G'day ACharlie,
It does look good superficially, hopefully it works.
I'd hate to see Ret. Supreme Court judge Bernard Teague become treated like Coroner Doogan - (Canberra 2003 fires).
- "inquiry will consider fuel reduction burning" - hopefully more than just consider fuel reduction burning, in light of the Fed Environment Minister, Sen Peter Garrett's statement recently on not allowing hazard reduction burning.

I have been looking into the meaning of Local Agenda 21 and it's implications for Municipal and Council officers and what it means in the field in regard to trees, planting around buildings, forestry practice and fire management. From what I'm seeing it's too open for interpretation. Further later, as it's all written in UN doublespeak and hard for a tired head to make any sense out of.

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Good one JohnMikko,
Keep it "in their face", if it doesn't get the message to the pollies, it should make them worry about it getting to the voting public, where it counts.
Only problem, good old Aussie complacency.