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Nice one Carl! I can't express how happy I am that you included Tron (the greatest movie of ALL TIME) in this list. I was ready to boycott anything you wrote if I didn't see it, haha....not true

Another of my favorites to add to the list: That Last Starfighter!

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Ya I have been wanting to see it myself...but I'm not so sure now!

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Sweet review! I have been curious what the story was on this bad boy...it's on my "Post New Vegas" list!

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I agree with most of what you said here Josh. My only complaint was the ammount of time it took for things to actually start happening. Granted it just built suspense... but I guess I thought the first film was so jarring that this second one would be even more so. Still, I enjoyed the scares the movie gave me and think that it was money well spent.

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You summed it up right there, dude. "Sexy is in the eye of the beholder." Truthfully I used to be on the opposite side of this discussion, but the bottom line is, sex sells and that is a generalization...and also a fact. I'm not saying you are a prude, just that, to anyone questioning the direction of all forms of media that show more skin, tighter outfits, or bigger boobs, etc...it's just the way things are. You can choose to avoid it if you don't approve (you meaning people that ARE prude's..not specifically you as in Chris) or you can embrace this new wave of empowered woman and enjoy it for what it is...art.

Nothing has been started. Everyone is entitled to voice their opinion here! I think disagreements show that we are talking about important topics... most of the time.

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It's the 21st century, dude. Go to your local mall and you are bound to see woman objectifying themselves on a daily basis with their standard wardrobe. There are entire stores that, ten years ago you wouldn't have thought sold to anyone but strippers and "working" ladys...but guess what, now it's filled with eager 14 year old girls picking outfits for the first day of high school.

Times they are a changing. Whats the difference between tights that show every curve (like most woman in comics have always worn) and costumes that leave less to the imagination? They don't make you use as much of your imagination? I don't like seeing tight wearing male superhero crotch buldge...but hey, it happens. Check out Lady Death...awesome comic (IMHO)... barely wears clothes. It's just the way things are going.

Woman want to say "Hell ya, we are here, and sexy, and we like nerdy stuff too". And men (well most comic reading men) don't have a problem with that empowerment taking the form of hot chicks in skimpy clothes in their comics, video games, television shows, movies, etc. It's all win from a business standpoint, though so it will only get "worse" before it gets better. DO I think it's a healthy message to pass on to the woman of the world that don't look like Halle Berry or Megan Fox, of course not. . Thats where parents come in, if your kid still lives at home, and common sense comes in, if you are an adult yourself. If Witchblade makes a gal feel like crap....don't read it. If you don't want your kid idolizing Megan Fox, don't let them watch her crap movies. Seems pretty simple to me.

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I still have yet to watch more than a few episodes of this show. I really enjoyed the episodes I saw though... as well as the article, Janna!

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I was pretty disapointed as well, though I don't know what I expected from Jolie... (not a fan).

I especially agree that the ending was garbage...if this starts a Tripple X girl series starring Jolie I might puke...

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I have often thought of trying out some Harry Turtledove or another alternate history type of book. Glad to finally get a recommendation on one...I'll be checking this out!

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I love Chuck too!