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Once again my friends, this is the younger Griffey. Not the one who wrote this article. He is still 100% correct, and gets the older brother stamp of approval.

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I would like to state this is not the real Griffey, or at least the author of this article. That would be me. However, I do like his sentiment.

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The best addition to the new arcade is the reduced impact of the cards. The other worst addition are the objectives that give ridiculous bonuses that last the entire game. Nothing worse in classic risk that smashing your way through the field only to have some hooligan turn in a set and win on some BS. I always like to play no cards, and no more than 10 armies a territory. Long and arduous, yes. More strategic and bad ass, also yes.

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Wow, I think criticizing a critic for his opinions is the only thing that is ridiculous on this wall. If one error in band title upsets you, get a life. This is a great piece, and totally worth reading. I secretly feel like old Jakey is the one commenting on this article under these names. Identify yourself sir!

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I think it is one of those Watchmen scenarios. The movie does about as good of a job as possible given the tough source material. You should love it.

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I like where your heads at. Like the little kid in Angels in the Outfield said "It can happen"

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Some day when that is a huge franchise, you will eat those words sir. Golden says I, GOLDEN!!!

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I would grab Power Girl, but only for my own self serving pleasures ~wink~

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I would agree completely... had I thought in any way that Gavin was capable of acting.

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I think I would have punched myself in the nuts if I had played all Space Marines. Sounds like you had some fun though.