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Since I got into shape, people always ask me to go to the gym with them, to "motivate" them because they have no motivation. Ive tried and the one thing Ive learned is that you cannot truly motivate someone to make a lifestyle change and stick with it. Ive been there as well, going to the gym but not really being motivated for months. Without your own personal motivation you dont get results.

Ive worked my ass off to look good for girls Ive liked in the past, but once you get that girl you let yourself go. I think thats fairly commonplace as I have lots of friends who gain weight once they are in a relationship. Ive finally found my own inner motivation, the drive of a challenge and it took me years to find. Josh, I hear you about many people not being motivated. Its hard to try and motivate people without preaching to them, you know? No one wants to be preached to, especially when its coming from someone who working out comes so easily (WE know its not easy to stay in shape, but we make it look easy)

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That was a great article. Many good points to think about that leads us to question if our sub culture is "hip" or ultimately unhealthy. I know many gamers that take pride in their Mountain Dew and Dominoes pizza consumption. At PAX, I saw one too many rascal scooters taking overweight gamers to the next exhibit. Lets face it, when you are so engrossed in a game that you hold off going to the bathroom, youre not going to cook something for yourself that doesnt involve tons of preservatives.

One thought, is that many of the gamers in our culture were not the "jock" in school. Since they were not talented at any particular sport, they chose other hobbies that they WERE good at. These hobbies were a stationary activities, gaming.

I was one of these people, but found that I dont need to have the coordination to catch a ball or the speed to out run a throw to 2nd base in order to be in great shape. I really began working out about a year or two ago. I wasnt terribly out of shape, but I didnt look great with my shirt off to be honest. Now, Im participating in long distance cycling, weight lifting, kickboxing, yoga, and Im even training for a warrior's dash this spring. Not to mention I like taking my shirt off at the beach now. Im still not athletic in the least bit, but Im in great shape and I still game as much as I can. I want to be around to play games when Im 80.

I would like to see gamers break the shackles and get healthy. Granted, there are plenty of gamers that are skinny (that does not mean healthy though) so Im generalization. Based on PAX East; however, I would say its a generalization with some truth. I would love to see a sub culture of the gaming culture for all those deciding to turn their lives around and care what they do to their bodies.

This is a long post and Im not sure how to end it, but I think we all need to take a long hard look in the mirror. Its not about looking great in the mirror (although its a great side effect) but about living life to its fullest and longest. (I am well aware that you could have ended many of my sentenced with "thats what she said" -_- )

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I was so exited for the whole return of bruce wayne, so far its been a huge let down. Ive actually been enjoying greyson being batman quite a bit. He's way more of a punk, but he kicks a lot of ass. Same goes for the new robin.

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cant wait for some Shipyard Pumpkin Head this season! Ill definitely try the Dogfish Head punkin this season to compare.

One beer I cant wait to have again is Sam Smiths Oatmeal ale, its like breakfast in a bottle, so good!

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I want to see this, Im confident that I will enjoy it. Ive been falling back into the batman mythos ever since I played the hell out of arkham asylum. good article.

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definitely looks like a good read, Im very tempted. My only concern is being lost becaues I dont know all the series that all these artifacts originated from. Does the story flow and is it easy for the non-experienced top cow readers to follow?

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I feel like the summer is full of movies that you go because "theyre just plain fun" Not sure if Ill give this one a watch when I still havent seen Predators, Dispacable Me, and Karate Kid, all of which are movies that are supposedly "just fun". I dont know, Nicholas Cage just hasnt worked for me since The Rock. Good article though!

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I love RBF, didnt realize they still had albums coming out. going to grab this today. Thanks for the heads up!

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Lateralus is an amazing album. Such a great live band

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how did I miss this? Ill buy this the week it comes out for sure!