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Very inspiring, Mike.

I've never cared for running myself, but lately I've been considering it again. I've been into jumping rope off and on over the past few years, but that has waned greatly as well.

Thanks for inspiring me to start, to start small.

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Silly test.

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I love this short and sweet review — well done.

Personally, I can't imagine living inside my browser.

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(Hazard after a headshot) "I just blew your mind..."

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Regarding your cons,

Yes, the economy is down, but that doesn't mean Apple should squat on new products and revisions of their products until the economy is in an upswing. In fact, Apple, posted record-breaking profits this past quarter. People are spending money in a down economy -- on Apple products.

Secondly, it appears that you are under the impression that the iPad is shipping now. It is not. It ships in 60 days for the Wi-Fi version and in 90 days for the Wi-Fi/3G version. This being said, the developers that were given 2 - 3 weeks to develop their app for the iPad were given so in order to maintain secrecy. Had they been given months on a product that was still being designed, implemented, refined, not only would they have been developing against changing specifications, but there would have been a greater chance of iPad SDK being leaked.

Why was it important that the SDK not be leaked? Because it DOES have a virtual iPad. The iPad SDK is part of the iPhone SDK. This new SDK with iPad support was made available Wednesday when the iPad debuted. Developers have 60 - 90 days to ready their apps for the iPad. I think you'll be surprised with how many iPad apps will be available when it ships.

I think the "letdown" bubble is actually in reverse effect here, just as when the iPhone debuted. When the iPhone was announced, there were many naysayers complaining about the iPhone, disappointed because it didn't automatically level their WoW characters to 70. They were proven wrong. When the iPhone finally shipped, people were lining up for them. This year, Apple will ship its 65 MILLIONTH iPhone, and it's still on the same carrier!

The first generation iPhone was already an amazing work of art and technology when it was released, but don't think for a second that Apple wasn't thinking ahead. People wanted apps, and Apple was already going to give it to them. With the iPad, there already is a way to create apps, but it will take time for there to be as many iPad specific apps as there are iPhone apps.

So will there be a "rehashing" of iPhone apps for the iPad? Yes, but why is that a bad thing? Why DON'T you want a fullscreen Facebook app made specifically for the hands, not merely the fingers? Why DON'T you want a video game that can take advantage of the additional screen real estate and more sensitive accelerometers? Viewing the iPad as merely a big iPhone is the wrong perspective for both users _and_ developers. As I stated in my post, what is so powerful about the iPad is how it forces people to rethink user interface design and user experience on a whole new level. Every version of Excel and Word on Windows portables is just a scaled down version of the desktop experience. This scaled down experience is not good. Instead, entirely new UIs must be created built around the tactile user experience the iPad provides.

I do find it revolutionary. I want to do all of my email on it. Mail looks so intuitive, beautiful, tactile, natural. It's like your flipping through papers, writing an email with your hands, and folding the letter into the envelope yourself. That emotional response is there, only with a lot less work.

The iPad doesn't have a Finder for files and folders. It doesn't have a desktop. Thank God. This is the future. Let's abstract away such cumbersome things. Let's make our apps and _intentions_ the guiding interface.

This is exactly what Apple is doing with the iPad.

Think beyond it as a tablet computer. Imagine it as a peripheral! My mind is bursting with ideas and examples of this, but here are a few:

"Introducing the new Final Cut Pro, now with iPad support. Select your clips and rearrange them with your hands. Logic Studio: now use your iPad as a virtual mixer, jog wheel, or digitizer. Color: push and pull levels interactively. Only on the iPad."

I would love to use the iPad as a control panel for Maya, for positioning the camera or adjusting particle emitter levels, for sculpting and animating with my hands or positioning elements in the scene. See the iPad along these lines and the possibilities are endless.

The iPad has the potential to become an interactive window and a portal into existing and new worlds. This is just the beginning.

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I absolutely adored this film for many reasons. I hope it does incredibly well so we can return to Pandora again and again.

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This is so intriguing. I am definitely looking forward to seeing how this turns out.

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The only new Star Wars films I would want to see would be based in the KOTOR era.

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I am really excited about this game! The console is actually a really good deal: 2x the space as the Elite plus another controller _and_ the game. If I hadn't already bought the Halo 3 Edition of the Xbox 360 when it first came out, I'd consider getting this edition.

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I can see the "GI Joe" to "Crysis" comparison a bit more than "Pandorum" to "Dead Space".

I think it's more so the fact that as video game graphics get better, and art directors are better able to capture their creative vision in video games, video games will become increasingly more cinematic.

We're going to see much more crossing over in art direction and mediums as these industries evolve.