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depends how far though...
its great when it comes to that you get to keep ur love live seperate from school and studies and as well from friends because ive seen friends drift apart from the group when they have a bf but also you spent more time wit friends and make time with him even more special and if he goes visits if feels extra better but the issue may be that you dont see him as often as youd like and may have troube with conversations and understanding sertain conditions since you may have a diffrent group of friends and dont even know each other during school enviorment in wich they may act totally diffrent
you will never know the true them cuz u dont see them at school but as long as u trust him its actualy a pretty good experience :)
thats kinda my situation right now and im pretty happy :)
hope u come to a good conclusion <3

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i hate the high school drama but
damn u learn alot and get unbelievable memmories
so just live it and brush things of cuz its life and ur never gana see then anyways when ur out of there so enjoy it and have fun
and life is full of great and amazing people just how it has bad people

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omg this is so beautiful :)

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i love to get to know ppl if you wana get to know me just message me :)
im sry for the pain you feel but dont take any of this offensively.. how do u know u wernt ment to be here? cuz u were born for a reasonand not just born cuz dont you think your mom would have gone threw 9 months of pregnancy for no reason it happened for a reason.. you should try opening up to your frnds if you feel you cant talk to your parents cuz sometimes friends can be better then your actual family trust me you should read SWITCHING TIME by richard Baer. I myself am an only child and i have found enless confort within my friends to were my best friend is pretty much my shrink lol sometimes i feel like a third wheel between my parents but im glad they love each other .HOW can you say their is nothing special about you when u ur self said you can be doing better in school . i know if you tried youd deff do better and their is noting better then knowing youhave done someting good . WHat is your faundest memmory . hope you have a good day :)

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to feel the presure of being skinny shouldnt feel like you have to please anyone just be your self..i do agree with you with magazines puting mixed signs when it comes to ohh you should eat healthy but yet they have anorexic looking models .. but i think what they are trying to do is send the message of being health and taking care of our health , more like. Its true people judge on image rahter then truely getting to know someone but that just means thouse who judge like that arnt even worth trying to be friends with so it really doesnt matter. just be happy with the way u are cuz that makes you a whole lot more unique. i wish ppl didnt judge like that. The whole skinny to be in the "IT" group doesnt really apply at my school
everyone just mines their own shit bettwween their own group actually was u can consider the it group can be the party ppl and trust me there most of them arent what you would think of the popular skinny grls
i think ud agree with me that it be bomb if everyone didnt give a shit about that kinda things and give time to get to know everyone for who they are.

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omg dont worry about it most teachers ar ass's and i feel the same way with loosing friends but ur truely not its probably that u havent hung out with them as offten as u did before ..sry to sound like a mom but not doing ur hw will prob not make things anymore easier.. but damn i hate thouse day when everything comes togther making it a bad day.. well hope tomorrow is a better day for u :)