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i ask those questions about myself all the time.. what happened to what was so good.. i think its a sign for a break in life or for a change...

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i think there is something there...and i will call it nature.. we are humans making the mistakes we are meant to make to learn from it.. i think ppl just overdo it sometimes and forget what we really wanted in life... they get to carried away with power and will that are placed in front of them.. and create what is now a mess for those who jus came into the world... (our future)... there are some who learn from the wrongs that they make and from the wrongs that others made, who are trying to fix what has already been set in motion. and there are others who jus dont give a craps ass what happens... there will always be a bad in life. because there is no good if its always good... it would just be life... and for sure there will be ppl complaining... thats jus human nature.. thats just how we are

but thats what i think...

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i have those thoughts and feelings too, when im with my boyfriend that is, all the time.. it really scares me that i might get hurt or i might hurt him. or, what the hell does this guy see in me... but my boyfriend and i have been through bad relationships and its understandable to think like that.. truth is i didn think i would need him so much. wen he met me, he met this broken hearted girl...who was dying from the poison around her... a girl who accepted the idea of death.
sometimes you just have to accept the fact that you are not alone and that, whats in the past is in the past.. its hard i know, to trust, when you have lost that trust so many times. but if you start to trust again you'll start to smile again. and about imperfections... mark is right. imperfections are what attracts ppl to eachother. its called blined by love. when you are in love you block out what others see as imperfect and make them perfect.

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my boyfriend is the same way... but the thing is i m the same way too... my boyfriend n i have had very bad relationships when it ended up we gave our everything to the person and they ended up tearing it apart... i get upset for the littlest things and so very suspicous and i bet he does the same with me... but we cry it out together in the end. we always pour our heart out on eachother and i think thats what you and your boyfriend should do. gain his trust by being there with him emotionally.. for sure he loves you and know that you wouldnt do anything to hurt him, but its really hard thinking about what ifs and what might happens...
oh and about the whole cutting thing... tell him.. talk to him... he just needs someone to listen to him, and be there with him. tell him how you feel about it..and for sure things will be different... just know. communication is a key in a good relationship


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hey... i dont think you are ready... you are asking others if you are ready. and well only you would know that. but thats the thing you are not because you are hesitating and asking yourself and others for answers..... besides there are so many negative consequences for having sex.... its not what you have to do... i mean if your boyfriend loves you, he can wait for you. not saying you should listen to me. but wouldnt you want to share that magical experience with the person you love and want to spend the rest of your life with? the person that you marry....
well thats just my oppinion.

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that must suc. maybe you should talk with your sis.. did you ever tell her how you felt? hearing it from you might jus open her eyes n maybe listen to your voice.; but im not sure about the whole your sister begging for him to stay.. does she love him? she must have some feelings for him to be begging.. like i said. you should talk to her..

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aww thats soo cute.... lol >.< precious moment

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oops i meant dont try to be so uptight

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hey, its natural to be nervous and space out when talking to a guy that you have a crush on... i mean i get all clumsy and start trying to act cool... knowing that im making a fool of yourself, but n e ways make things simple... jus be yourself. ask him how was his day so far, play around, try not to be so formal. smile, but dont over do it. then ask him what he thinks about being in church... idk start a conversation... hows your weekend, what are you doing after? jus get to know him... complements are alright too... but also let him talk too.. then just let the conversation flow. think of questions and maybe jokes pertaining to his answers.... try to be so uptight.. but yea thats what i would do... sounds really easy but its kinda hard.
but i think you can do it...