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Oh wow, that's amazing!

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It's so masterful. It gets me EVERY TIME

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Re: your last point - We already know that the Circleverse afterlife can take the form of a city or garden, from when Briar saved Rosethorn. It's my headcanon that when the four get old they all go together, and seek out old friends and teachers who have already passed.

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Yep. I went to such a hetero-normative school that I wasn't even especially aware that there were alternatives to being straight until my mid-teens. I had a couple of years where I wondered if I was bi, too, because my squishes seemed to be pretty gender blind. I honestly thought that all anyone meant by a crush was wanting to sit and talk to someone a lot, just one-to-one.

I used to describe myself by saying I "wasn't a visual person", or that I "don't have a type". And it wasn't as though there was a word for that, right? Then when I learnt about asexuality it took me a long time to realise that my experiences matched that, because I hover somewhere between sex favourable and indifferent, and the first mentions of asexuality I saw managed to conflate it with sex-repulsion.

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Yup. I made that mistake up until my mid-twenties, which was the first time I came across any mention of asexuality. There followed a good year or two of slow, widening realisations. Also a lot of "D'oh!" moments when I looked back at my teenage self, busy writing about a reproductively asexual race of people so that I didn't have to include romance. I can only blame hetero-normativity for my not twigging sooner.

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Re: your [This Book] spoilered question:

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Here's a summary of the plot (which is long):

I have condensed some of the more relevant parts below:

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I think this is also one of the more overtly European things which DW has covered, tbh. It's the sort of thing which a lot of people pick up by osmosis here, but I'm not sure that would be the case in the States.

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I love that card so much.

I actually made my own for the last DWCon (and it will be returning in a slightly more durable form next year) because I have epilepsy and when I have a seizure, sometimes that involves me lying unresponsive on the floor. I couldn't resist the opportunity, to be honest!