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Holy shit my original account is working again for no reason!


Anyway. This is not a good episode. Its depiction of PTSD rings really hollow to me, and it's very late-90s. And I just plain hate Marcus (always, although he's at his least bad with Franklin or Lennier). And yet somehow the worst character in a mediocre episode has the best line IN THE ENTIRE SERIES. "I used to think that it was awful that life was so unfair. Then I thought, wouldn't it be much worse if life were fair, and all the terrible things that happen to us come because we actually deserve them? So, now I take great comfort in the general hostility and unfairness of the universe."

That right there is exactly how I feel about the concept of "deserve": it's essentially meaningless because we live in an actively evil universe. So put it aside and be kind. Afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted.

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On Tumblr this led to discussion of Kirby as an eldritch abomination, and on Facebook it led to discussion of Kirby as a messiah-figure, because my friends are awesome. <3

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Also, uh... my Kickstarter isn't doing so hot. If anybody wants to back or signal boost, it'd be MUCH appreciated. It's the final volume of my My Little Pony analysis. Roughly, the first volume was about potential; the second was about failure; the third was about creativity; and the fourth is about enlightenment and what comes after the Hero's Journey is over and we're finally able to tell a different story.

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I'm crossposting from Tumblr. If you haven't seen it, here's the trailer for the new Adventure mode from the end of last week's Nintendo Direct.

[youtube WShCN-AYHqA&t=1s youtube]

And here's what I said about it:

That’s a fucking seraph.

And the theme is all about sparks of light, aka souls, scattered in a cataclysm, which we must bring together by uniting and thereby restore the lost light.

Also that gold stuff that drips down onto Mario to make the fake Mario is totally ichor.

This is, I remind you, a game about a child mashing their Nintendo-themed toys together. And now it is also a game about gathering the sparks scattered in the shevirat ha-kelim in order to bring about the eschaton and repair the world.

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So... Smash Bros?

Meta/spoilers in replies.

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Qryraa'f genafsbezngvba vfa'g erirnyrq hagvy gur raq bs 2k02, ohg fur'f fubja genafsbezrq va gur BC.

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Ooh, really?


Oooooooh, time to poke my friend that was interested in watching but didn't want to fork out cash for the DVDs...

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I would suggest watching the movies in release order, with the possible exception of Thirdspace. I think the best order is:

The Gathering (make sure you get the good version! there are two out there!)
S1-3 in their entirety
Thirdspace (chronological order)
Rest of S4
In the Beginning
Thirdspace (release order)
River of Souls
Rest of S5
A Call to Arms
Legend of the Rangers
The Lost Tales

(Yes, I listed Thirdspace twice--pick one depending on which order you're going for. All the other movies aired more or less where they belong chronologically.)

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*kermit flails*

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"I couldn’t drink coffee the entire week I was recording the audiobook for Anger Is A Gift."

Wait what? Why?

I'm WAY behind on MR Discworld, and I only read this book once, but the characters I most clearly remember are Tonker, Lofty, and Wazzer. That Girls' School... *shudder*

(Also I just wrote "most clearly resemble" before I corrected. Freudian typo?)

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